Your HGH Questions Answered: How HGH Works in Your Body to Reduce the Signs of Aging

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There is a time in life, when we are children, that the pituitary gland in the brain produces a high amount of human growth hormone. (HGH) This substance is responsible for supporting healthy growth and maintaining proper organ function as you age. As you age and your growth slows, the brain’s production of HGH slows down, too. This slowdown may be responsible for some noticeable signs of aging, such as wrinkles and weakening muscles. The good news is that HGH supplementation can help the body get back some of that lost youth by helping increase muscle mass and bone density, by helping to reduce body fat, and by increasing physical endurance.

HGH is released by the pituitary gland in a pulsating delivery pattern through the day and night. The largest release of HGH occurs about an hour after you fall asleep. Once the HGH is released, it heads to the liver to be processed. Some of the HGH is turned into Insulin-like Growth Factor, which reduces the amount of glucose absorbed into the liver, plus it turns protein structure into a glucose-like fuel for the body. As they travel through the body, HGH and Growth Factor interact with organ tissue receptors, where they carry out functions such as helping the body retain calcium and minerals, promote growth and growth of muscle tissue, and encourage fat burning. In order to make the most of HGH supplementation, some recommend that the dosage of HGH is timed to mimic the delivery times of the body’s natural HGH.

Disease and the aging process can wreak havoc on the circulation of HGH. Sometimes this can lead to an HGH deficiency, where it may become necessary to supplement with injections, oral methods, topical creams or nose sprays. Other times, it may be beneficial to use HGH supplements in order to prevent or help reverse the unwanted signs of aging you may be experiencing. If you are looking to boost bone health, reduce physical signs of aging and feel more youthful, HGH supplementation might make sense for you. In addition, people who suffer from Prader-Willi disease or brain injuries that affected their production of HGH also benefit from supplementation.

In addition to helping the body combat the signs of aging, HGH is also useful for giving you that same sense of well-being and vitality you had when you were younger. While you may not be able to completely reclaim your youth, with HGH you may be able to look and feel as though you have!

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