You’re Only as Old as You Feel?

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The phrase is famous, and the sentiment is one many people begin to understand as they age. If you’ve found yourself feeling tired, less fit, “creaky,” or otherwise less than youthful as the years pass, then you may be feeling much older than you actually are. Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn this phrase on its head? As you grow older and wiser, you could also feel healthier, more energetic, and even look younger and have a more positive mental outlook. You know by now that HGH is capable of helping you achieve this, and there’s even a few little tricks you can use to help the HGH in your body do an even better job of enhancing your health and helping you kick those negative aging phrases to the curb!

There are so many positive benefits of regular exercise. It’s better than any medicine or miracle pill for so many things, including weight maintenance, less stress and better mood, a more fit and toned body, and a reduction in the possibility of having certain serious conditions and diseases. Exercise is also great at stimulating the production of Human Growth Hormone in your body, a side benefit that can make a huge difference as you get older and your body’s natural production of the hormone diminishes. In addition to the way you’ll look and feel with regular exercise, you’ll also be fending off your chances of having certain kinds of cancers, lowering your blood pressure, reducing the chance of dealing with heart disease, strengthening your bones so they will have a smaller risk of osteoporosis, and even fending off the threat of Type 2 Diabetes! The combination of HGH and exercise is as close to an anti-aging miracle as anything out there that’s been developed or discovered.

It may seem as if there is never enough time to get it all done. From family obligations to work, to hobbies and volunteering, the time we have to accomplish everything we need to get done seems limited indeed. It can be very tempting to cut back on sleep in order to compensate. This could add more time to your days, but in the long run end up taking life from your years! One of the best ways to improve your body’s ability to produce HGH is to go to bed! The more consistent sleep you get, the more natural HGH production your body will be doing. The key is to sleep long enough for your body to go into deep sleep, because this is when your body is busy pumping out HGH. If you are a cat napper or wake up frequently, your body isn’t able to get to the deep sleep stage, and this will hinder your HGH production. When in doubt, go to bed!

It may be true that you are as old as you feel . . . and the younger you feel, the better you’ll look, and the longer your life may be.

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