Growth Hormone Benefits

Growth Hormone Benefits

Can growth hormone benefits be achieved by the normal everyday person? If you are looking to stave off impending old age using the HGH homeopathic oral spray might just do the trick. It is an amazing tonic.  Everything seems 10%-20% better.

Everyone responds to the human growth hormone oral spray product differently so it’s impossible to know how it will specifically affect each individual.  Some general growth hormone benefits that seem to happen to everyone is that they have more energy, they sleep better, digest better, and experience an increase in libido.

One thing that everyone seems to report is that they purchased the product to help them in one, two, or three different areas and they experienced improvements in five or six other areas that they hadn’t expect or anticipated.

Clinical studies on human growth hormone have been very few. One study of the effects of human growth hormone on humans was done at the Palm Springs Life Extension Institute under the direction of Dr. Edmund Chein, director of the institute, and his associate Dr. Leon Terry, a neuroendocrinologist from the Department of Neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Dr. Terry collected the data of 202 patients during the term of their therapy between the years of 1994 and 1996. Among some of the findings of growth hormone benefits were: 84% higher energy levels, 83% lengthened exercise endurance, 81% increased muscle mass, 78% improved overall sense of well-being, 75% improved libido/potency, 73% improved immune function, 72% decreased body fat without diet, 71% firmer skin tone and texture (natural facelift as early as 3 months), 68% renewed skin thickness, 62% strengthened memory, 62% longer duration of penile erection, 61% faster healing of injuries, 58% reduced hot flashes, 51% diminished wrinkles, 39% regulated menstrual cycle, 38% improved hair growth.

We do not have any opinion on the veracity of these HGH claims so you just have to try it to know the truth about whether it will work for you. You can’t lose as we have a no questions asked 90-day guarantee. Just send the new and used bottles back to us and we’ll give you a full refund if you don’t achieve the results you are looking for.

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