Certainly an impressive web site. I’m curious about actual studies. Measured levels of HGH subsequent to taking your product compared to not taking your product.

I would assume that most if not all companies making such products have attempted to measure human growth hormone levels in response to their formula. Nobody seems to be publishing this data though.

Are you able to help me out here?

I’m currently taking a human growth hormone stimulating capsule, and I think it is as you you’ve said. Seemed to work nicely the first month, but no big deal now.

(And who are these people claiming to be rating human growth hormone oral sprays on the Internet? They don’t give their credentials. )


Most companies have their own studies to make sure the effectiveness of their product is there. Measuring IGF-1 levels is an expensive blood test. So none of the tests have been big enough or broad enough to be scientifically creditable. The FDA and FTC certainly have not stamped their approval on any. If a company went through the expense to do so they would probably be accused of being biased or self motivated anyway. Their is no financial motivation for an “independent testing lab” to spend the money to do a true, scientific test.

We’ve discovered that our product gets 60% to 80% of the increased IGF-1 levels of those using injectible HGH, but again, these tests were not scientifically formulated. We only checked for the efficacy of the product. We also discovered that 2% of the population does not respond to the oral spray at all! (And we don’t know why)

<<And who are these people claiming to be rating human growth hormone oral sprays on the net? They don’t give their credentials. )>>

All the ones we’ve seen are separate websites owned by people who sell human growth hormone on other websites and, of course, their product(s) are rated the highest. Don’t believe any of them!

Thanks for you timely response!  My other question is about deer antler. Explain it’s significance?

Also, If I order three bottles at the lower per price bottle and it doesn’t work for me, what is the time limit for sending the oral spray back?

And can I order by phone?  I don’t like using my credit card # on the computer…



You get the invigoration properties from IGF-1 which is produced by the liver and triggered by HGH.  Deer Antler is exactly like IFG-1 so you are not relying totally on the liver to produce IGF-1.

We have a 6 month return policy and we never check to see when the oral spray was purchased.  We have very few refunds so it’s not a big deal for us.  Just make sure that you save all the used as well as unused bottles to send back for the complete refund.  Unfortunately we have to require this because a few years ago we had some people buying our product, requesting refunds, then reselling the oral spray new and unopened.  We refund the entire amount of the original purchase including shipping but we don’t reimburse you for the shipping of the bottles back.

We appreciate your business!

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