I am a homeopath with a practice in Los Angeles. I was wondering if you offer practitioner accounts or pricing. If so can you tell me what the pricing is and if you have a minimum order size? I can supply you a copy of my business license and certification if you allow accounts.

I am interested in supplementing some of my patients with a real HGH spray and only would consider a homeopathic version. I noticed on your website you do comparisons and I did not see anything about the AGE FORCE product. It seems you have an honest site so I was interested in your opinion of that product. I actually like the fact that your oral spray had fewer homeopathic remedies in them since I would be using them with the patients constitutional remedy.

Do your clients speak about losing fat and gaining muscle mass along with general anti aging benefits as one can with the actual injections of the hormone or is your oral spray different in this regard?

Thanks for your info,

Los Angeles, CA

You can buy 12 bottles at a time at wholesale online on our order page. The next price break is at 6 dozen.

Two things make the Ageforce product immediately suspicious: 1) They don’t have a link prominently posted to their ingredients, and 2) They offer a “more HGH” homeopathic product. As you know, there is no such thing. There is only one recipe that gets the body to respond. All legit companies use this same formula because it yields the best results. Adding more yields weaker results.

Many body builders use our HGH oral spray to develop lean muscle mass, that “ripped” look. It doesn’t put on muscle mass except to the extent that workouts are more productive. When the primary hormone is normalized there is some fat reduction but those buying the HGH product strictly for that purpose are usually disappointed. The anti-aging properties are fabulous. The Advanced Formula works about 10%-20% better than the Original Formula so all the athletes buy the former.

Your oral spray apparently is used by “body-builders”. Who are they? Why is your oral spray not endorsed by them? Are they professionals or amateurs. . .natural or etc? The only way I would remotely use your product is if these questions are answered. Furthermore, why do you not use ads in magazines?



<<why do you not use ads in magazines?>>

We have the lowest prices on the internet because we only market our product over the internet and do no other media buys. Magazine ads and all other forms of media exposure costs money that’s passed on to the consumer. We are happy with our internet business without additional ad costs which keeps our prices low.

We know our HGH oral spray is being used by gym rats because of the inquiries and e-mails we receive from these enthusiasts. Our customer list is private and personal and we don’t share any information about our human growth hormone users.

Thanks for your inquiry.

We appreciate your business!

PS: Probably the most well kept secret amongst professional athletes today is an all natural product that you can investigate at http://www.moringausa.com. Athletes ingest 12 pills daily and up to 20 pills performance day.

thanks for responding to my inquiry about advertising. . .another question please. . .with a vial of your human growth hormone oral spray and intense weight-training, and an awesome diet, how long would it take to pack on about 5-10 pounds of muscle?


<<how long would it take to pack on about 5-10 pounds of muscle?>>

Every individual responds to our human growth hormone product differently so answering that question is impossible. You should try a bottle. If the human growth hormone oral spray doesn’t work for you just send it back for a refund.

We appreciate your business!

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