Ok. . . . .I just read your competitor’s site (Advice HGH) and you both are in direct conflict with one another. Not to mention. . . . .you both single each other out!  One says that you need human growth hormone. . . .the other that you need to stimulate your body’s own human growth hormone. Which is it???  Does it all come down to who I BELIEVE and what I tell myself after taking the product??  Because I think you both know that I have no way of monitoring my levels of human growth hormone. Or is everyone full of “BULL”!!  Maybe there is no way at all to increase levels.

Or maybe if you do, it doesn’t do anything anyway!  Is there anyway to actually “PROVE” all of the claims. . . . . .considering anyone can be bought!?  I am a REAL consumer (potentially lifetime). . . . . .convince me!!


Is there anyway to actually “PROVE” all of the claims

Yes there is. You can monitor your IGF-1 levels with very expensive blood tests. Or you can try the product and see if it works for you or not. That’s why we have such a liberal return policy. Returns are less than 1% of our entire business so if a customer is not happy we quickly return their money (just send the used and unused bottles back).

The reality is, both products will raise your IGF-1 levels. We’ve done all the expensive blood testing. We go through this explanation many times on our website but we have no problem repeating it to you now. The products like Advice that contain no human growth hormone, those that stimulate your own pituitary to produce more human growth hormone, work quite well. . .but only for 4-8 weeks. It takes that period of time for your pituitary to get accustomed to the extra stimulation. Then it stops. It’s actually quite a tease. You get the youthful benefits, then it all stops.

Since our product contains actual human growth hormone, it doesn’t rely on the stimulation of the pituitary because it is actually putting HGH into the system. You can use it non-stop for as long as you like and enjoy the benefits for as long as you like.

Feel free to make other inquiries. You’re gonna love our oral spray!

Ok. . . . .assuming all that is true.   What about the claim that I’ve read over and over again about the stomach acids and liver “breaking down” any human growth hormone taken orally.   I’ve read this on other sites as well,  selling HGH that can be absorbed through the skin.

I don’t mean to be difficult here. . . . . .but you can’t just expect people to believe everything that you say. . . . . . .at least in this day. Especially when there is money to be made.

So what about you. . . . .do you, the person responding to this email. . . . .have you had tremendous results with this product???  Or are you just a “salesperson”?


So what about you. . . . .do you, the person responding to this email. . . . .have you had tremendous results with this product???  Or are you just a “salesperson”?

There are only 3 of here in the office and we all do everything!  I’ve used the product for six years. We have many long term customers. There are 300 companies selling “HGH.” We believe only about 30 are legitimate. So it’s very easy for the consumer to be led astray. Here’s something we just wrote to another person comparing us to Advice-HGH:

“You might also want to check our page at http://www.21stcenturyhgh.com/hgh-scams.htm

There are 3 ways you can raise your IGF-1 levels: shots, pills, sprays. The first is very expensive. The second stops working after 6 weeks. And the first two claim it’s impossible for the third way, homeopathic sprays, to work. Meantime homeopathic remedies are used all over the world by millions of people quite successfully. We have many people who have been customers for years. 2% of the population does not respond to the product at all. . .and we don’t know why.

We are happy to refund your money. Just send the product back. It’s seems a little silly that it’s in your hands right now and you won’t even try it. But make your own decision. Try it for 2-3 weeks and if you feel like you’re not getting your monies worth, by all means, send it back. “

You should also buy one bottle and try it. It will cost you just a couple bucks to send it back if you don’t get any results. Then, all the questions about “liver breaking down” and “molecules are too big” will be moot!

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