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Question Regarding Alcohol Content in HGH


I have been looking at your site, and wanted to ask. Is your product FDA approved? I couldn't find it on your site. Also, how much of the HGH is actually in the product as opposed to alcohol?


Des Moines, IA

No. No homeopathic HGH oral spray has been FDA approved. The lab that makes our product goes through constant FDA inspections and it is one of only two in the US that is manufacturing homeopathic oral spray. The FDA allows the over-the-counter sale of homeopathic HGH oral sprays, in general, because of the dilution rate of 30X which brings it under the criteria of homeopathic products.

Your second question is hard to answer as homeopathic remedies have a certain recipe that gets the body to respond in a certain way completely separate from its alcohol content. The 20% content is required by the FDA to give the product its 5 year shelf life. Most sprays contain 30% but we use the least amount that the FDA will allow which is 20%.

Thanks you for your quick reply.

I have another question: I've been reading a lot about growth hormone and CJ disease. . .should I be concerned about that?

Des Moines, IA

We believe you are referring to Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease or "mad cow disease" in humans. All human growth hormone today is synthetically produced in the lab. Human Growth Hormone is human, not bovine. So it's our opinion that you have nothing whatsoever to be concerned about CJ disease because bovine growth hormone is not in the oral spray.

Thanks for you timely response!  My other question is about deer antler. Explain it's significance?

Also, If I order three bottles at the lower per price bottle and it doesn't work for me , what is the time limit for sending the product back?

And can I order by phone?  I don't like using my credit card # on the computer...


Roswell, GA

You get the invigoration properties from IGF-1 which is produced by the liver and triggered by HGH.  Deer Antler is exactly like IFG-1 so you are not relying totally on the liver to produce IGF-1.

We have a 6 month return policy and we never check to see when the oral spray was purchased. We have very few refunds so it's not a big deal for us.  Just make sure that you save all the used as well as unused bottles to send back for the complete refund.  Unfortunately we have to require this because a few years ago we had some people buying our product, requesting refunds, then reselling the product new and unopened.  We refund the entire amount of the original purchase including shipping but we don't reimburse you for the shipping of the bottles back.

We appreciate your business!

10/03/11 - With all the talk about human growth hormone testing starting in the NFL, many people are getting the wrong idea about it. Professional Leagues banning this substance make it seem like a common steroid. This post dispels the myth that it is always used and abused as a steroid. In actuality, most athletes would like to use human growth hormone when they are injured, which helps the recovery process and helps them get back on the field faster. With minimal side effects and positive results, the movement to ban it may be a simple over reaction. read more

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