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HGH Questions Regarding Always Young

Would you please tell me how your human growth hormone product compares to the brand always young HGH. Their website is alwaysyoung.com.

Aren't the always young human growth hormone products the same active ingredients, which is somatropin (human growth hormone)?


York, PA

Yes always young is similar. However, their recipe is much different and one which, we believe, is not as effective as ours.

I have been using your oral spray for almost 4 months with amazing results that I believe are due to your oral spray. I am interested in IGF-1 and found a website of a competitor that claims to have real IGF-1. The company is Always Young. I am sure you are familiar with them. You seem to to be very legitimate in your attempt to convey the truth and I would be interested in your opinion on their products.

Thank you,

Boise, ID

This competitor describes it's product as "insulin-like growth factor" with the emphasis on "like. " We have no idea what this is. Our Advanced Oral Spray, HGH plus IGF-1 (Velvet Deer Antler) can't be beat because it is the closest thing on the planet to real human IGF-1 on the market today. 90% of our regular users switch over to the Advanced Formula from the Original Formula.

We are happy to hear that you are having good results!

I would be happy to give a testimonial for your oral spray if you have a need.

If I change to the advanced formula should I experience noticeable results that are superior to the oral spray that I am currently using? Also, are there any known side effects from IGF-1? I just want to make the best decision, as it is time to re-order. Thanks for responding so quickly.

Boise, ID

90% of our regular Original Formula customers prefer the Advanced Formula. 10% go back to the Original Formula because they feel no difference. You'll just have to try it for yourself but the odds are in your favor.

We know of no known side effects from either of these homeopathic human growth hormone oral sprays.

Thanks for the business!

Consumer Health Digest says that HGH is of a molecular structure that is impossible to absorb through the mouth. Please respond. Thanks.

Mr. Lewis
Bells Ferry, NJ

If you took undiluted, non-homeopathic human growth hormone, the kind that is prescribed and injected into the system, and dropped it under your tongue, this would be true. But that ignores "homeopathic" in the phrase "homeopathic human growth hormone oral spray." The homeopathic dilution process plus the inclusion of alcohol in the product breaks down the molecular structure of Human Growth Hormone so that 30X CAN enter the body through the oral mucosa. This is the only way that any company has found to effectively administer Human Growth Hormone sublingually.

HGH levels can be compared, before and after using Homeopathic Oral Spray, by measuring IGF-1 levels.  People using our spray show 60%-80% of the same rise in IGF-1 levels of those people using pharmaceutical injections.  If the molecule weren't getting through the oral mucosa, why would these levels rise?

We appreciate your interest and your business!

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