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Equivalent Amounts of HGH


I have a question. Can you please tell the equivalent amount of IGF-1 in mg for each spray?

Camden, NJ

I'm sorry we can't give you the equivalent amount. The FDA forbids us to do so because it's illegal for anyone selling human growth hormone over the counter to express their product in mgs or nanograms. Anyone doing so will be shut down.

Anyway, there is only one homeopathic recipe that works. All legitimate companies sell the same generic oral spray. Anyone telling you that they have a more potent formula is trying to get over on you. If they put less human growth hormone in their oral spray it won't work as well. If they put more HGH in their oral spray it won't work as well. There is only one proportion that gets the body to respond.

Thanks for the inquiry. You're gonna love our product!

Ok but I don't understand anything about dilution rate. For example: what is the approximate amount of IGF-1 for this product.

We don't know. It's a proprietary blend. Have you asked them?

I would like to order your oral spray but please tell me the equivalent proportion of HGH for 1 bottle.

We'd like to sell you our oral spray but we are unable to answer your question.

Try a bottle. You can't buy anything any more potent than our product without a prescription. If it doesn't work for you just send it back for a complete refund. We ask no questions. Our return rate is less than 1% so returns are not a big deal for us.

OK but can you anyway tell me the equivalent proportion of human growth hormone in your oral spray? Otherwise I won't order it.


Can you tell me how much in mg please?

Can't do it. Not legal.

Who's gonna know it?

We don't do anything that's not legal. Others may. We don't.

There is no product that is more potent than ours unless you get injections. What more do you need to know?

In what product is there more human growth hormone, 3X or 30X or 12C

3X has more HGH than 30X. However, you won't produce as much IGF-1 if you take a 3X oral spray as with the 30X product. It doesn't make logical sense, we know, but IGF-1 testing proves it out. The 30X recipe yields the greatest amount of IGF-1 possible, more than the 3X recipe. IGF-1 is what gives you all the benefits. That's why 90% of our regular users switch over from the Original Formula to the Advanced Formula which contains HGH + IGF-1.

We can't speak to 12C because it's not a homeopathic dosage.

By the way, can you tell me the equivalent amount for 0.3 ml of oral spray with 3x/30x/100x of somatropin? That's not illegal because you don't sell any product like that, right?

Do an internet search for "homeopathic" or "homeopathic remedies." Research will most likely answer your questions.

Enjoy the day!

Hi, I am currently using your product and I have a question.

Is the human growth hormone in your product natural or synthetic?

Milwaukee, WI

All human growth hormone made today is synthetic.  The only natural human growth hormone that exists comes from cadavers.  It's been illegal to sell human growth hormone obtained from cadavers for over 20 years.

We hope this helps. We appreciate your business

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