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Assorted HGH Questions on Cholesterol, Exercise, Shipping

I have been reading about your 21st Century oral spray. I am very interested in this but would like to know if it can be mixed with my high cholesterol medicine. I am taking Pravachol (which I hate the side affects) I don't want to order it and then find out I can't take it. Thanks for your answer.

Bismarck, ND

You're safe. All homeopathic remedies can be taken with all medications.

I'm 52 years old and 30 lbs overweight. I have asthma and take singular, advair, and use a bronchio-dialator as needed. I'm tired of feeling tired and intend to purchase and use your HGH oral spray. In my case, could you describe what "reasonable exercise" would be for me, a person who is not in good cardiovascular shape - but at one time 25 years ago or so, was. Other than my obesity, asthma and seasonal allergies, I am in good physical health.

Las Vegas, NV

Anything that gets you up and moving for one hour a day.


I live in Australia and am interested in obtaining your product. Do you send your oral spray here, and if not is there another product you can recommend?

Best Regards,

Kathy, Sydney

Customs will not allow our product into Australia. Sorry.

We don't know of any other really good homeopathic oral sprays to recommend down under. If you know someone in New Zealand we can get it into that country.

I'd like to pick your brain!

I am interested in your HGH product; have been utilizing alternatives for 25+ years and am currently looking at hgh to increase muscle tissue strength and integrity for pelvic organ prolapse treatment option for a woman I am guiding who has progressive degenerative muscle tissue and can’t seem to heal up post surgery. Women in menopausal years often have tissue integrity issues exacerbating pelvic organ prolapse making maintenance post surgery less than optimal.

I would like to experiment with an hgh product myself to increase strength (my muscle tissue looks great because I weight train but I have little strength-might be a result of the MS I have) but the info online is so conflicted-product should have no hgh in it if it is homeopathic and if claims are it does they don’t know what they are talking about because of methodology behind homeopathy.

My concerns aren’t so much if there is or isn’t any residual hgh in the product, my concerns are does product work. Also have concerns with deer antler in the product, the other extracts make sense. Any insights you can provide much appreciated.

Mukwonago, Wi

You can go back and forth forever reading the literature. The only way to know is to try it for yourself which is why we have a no questions asked 90 day guarantee. We want to put the product in people's hands to try. We run about 1 return for every 200 sales. We appreciate your business!

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