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Shipping HGH To Bali

Hi There,

I have used your product before for a year and was impressed and think the results still show. I wish to use it again, but you have so many places you don't mail to now I thought I'd better ask first. I live and work in Bali, where I own and run a small boutique hotel and am also the local dealer for Carefree Clearwater ionisers, out of Atlanta Georgia.

It would make life really simple if I could pay via credit card. I asked once before, a few months ago and you said you would send with a money order, but did not reply when I asked for address and payee details. Credit cards seem so simple - at our hotel, we get them from all over the world for bookings. If there's a problem with it and we don't get paid, they don't get booked. Seems you are in the ideal situation. You don't send the HGH oral spray until the money is in the bank. Easy.


Richard, General Manager
Resort Hotel, Bali

I asked once before, a few months ago and you said you would send with a money order, but did not reply when I asked for address and payee details. Credit cards seem so simple.

21st Century Designer Health Products
5906 Parkwalk Circle West
Boynton Beach, FL 33472

We must have missed that email because we always respond to emails within 24 hours.

The problem is that there is a lot of credit fraud in the Indonesia area and it's very hard to check the veracity of the card. We definitely get the money, but then 2-3 months later we get a claim from the truthful owner that they never ordered nor received the product. We end up having to refund the money. If you have an American credit card and the exact billing address matches that helps a lot. We can, and have done so in the past, sent our oral spray to Indonesia.

Thanks for your inquiry!

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