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Growth Hormone Questions on Blood Tests and Capsules


Is there a way to measure IGF-1 in your body?  Would a blood test show the amount?  Thank you.

Boston, MA

Yes there is a test but it's kind of expensive which is why most people don't do it. You can find out what your IGF-1 levels are through a this kind of test but the last time we checked the test cost around $700. It might have come down since then.


Do you have the HGH Advanced Formula in capsules and if so  which is the better one. I want to know the difference before I make my order. please reply as  soon as possible. thank you.

Chicago, IL

It's impossible to put human growth hormone in a capsule. Those who sell that form are selling a product that contains no human growth hormone whatsoever. These non-containing "HGH tablets" work by stimulating your pituitary to produce more of it, but after 6 weeks your body gets used to the stimulation and quits working. It's a terrible tease because you get the results for a short time and then all of a sudden lose them.

The oral spray, which is what we sell, does not rely on the stimulation of your own pituitary because it contains real HGH. Our product stimulates the liver to produce IGF-1 which is what gives you the youthful benefits. Our Advanced Formula contains HGH with IGF-1 in it. Both the Regular Formula and the Advanced Formula products work great and for as long as you choose to use them.

For these reasons the spray is the far superior product. Thanks for the inquiry and the business!

Where can I find the FDA approval on your human growth hormone Advanced Formula with IGF-1?  Where is the formal content in the bottle?  How can I trust you since you don't list your address if I couldn't get what I ordered, or refund because of un-satisfaction?


Sacramento, CA

The lot # on the bottle is an FDA requirement as well as the tamper proof wrapping.

Our address and phone # is on both the "Contact" page and the "Order" page. If you use a credit card, which we encourage, and we don't live up to what we say you can simply challenge the charge with your credit card company. However, we have the most liberal return policy in the marketplace. If you aren't happy just send the used and unused bottles back to us and we'll refund your credit card in full. This is such a small part of our business that it's not a big deal for us so we issue refunds the same day we receive the returned product with no explanations necessary. We don't even check when the original purchase was made.

Try the product, you're gonna love it!

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