Questions About HGH for Teenage Athletes and Children

HGH for Teenage Athletes

Dear 21st Century HGH,

I would like to know if your product works on children like the injectable form to make them their height up to 3 inches taller. My daughter is 14 and her pediatrician said that her growth plates are still wide open and that I could give her human growth hormone but it is too expensive for us, so I was wondering if these sprays did the same thing?

Is HGH for teenage athletes?

Thank You

Alpharetta, GA

If your pediatrician recommends it should be OK. Homeopathic oral sprays are extremely gentle and safe. We are not permitted to recommend our oral spray for people under 18 years old.

HGH For Teenage Athletes

Hello, I’m just wondering if it is ok for my younger brother to take HGH for teenage athletes? I know it says its not suitable for under 21’s. He’s 15 and really concerned about height even though he’s already experienced a few growth spurs.

I see your products highlight anti-aging and muscle growth benefits but could it benefit teenage growth? What I’m looking for basically is something that can aid him in his growth and help to maximize his growth potential. I understand your product helps to increase the HGH produced by the body, and isn’t it responsible for growth?

Also how safe is it for teenage athletes to take? I understand your ingredients are all natural, I’m just concerned taking this could disrupt or cause an hormonal imbalance in him. He recently had a full blood test, it showed he’s got a Vitamin D deficiency which he will be getting injections for. Is it ok to take the product in conjunction with these injections? He’ll receive one shot every months for three months starting next week. Other than that he’s perfectly healthy.


Trenton, NJ

I see your products highlight anti-aging and muscle growth benefits but could it benefit teenage growth?

Possibly. There is no way to set up a scientific test that would prove it.

Isn’t it responsible for growth?

Yes it is.

Also how safe is it to take?

All homeopathic product are safe to take, even with other drugs or supplements.

Is it ok to take the product in conjunction with these injections?

Homeopathic products are safe to take with Vitamin D injections.

We appreciate your business!

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