Are “HGH Components” Real Human Growth Hormone?

Real Human Growth Hormone In Oral Sprays

Everybody knows that steroid use is deleterious to your health.  Unfortunately human growth hormone, which is not a steroid, has gotten caught up in the steroid use controversy.  In an opinion column of the San Francisco Chronicle Sports Section of February 19, 2005, Bruce Jenkins discusses the matter of HGH and other more dangerous supplements.

Real Human Growth Hormone


I am Reveal (25 yrs). I have been using Sytropin for over 6 months now. I came across your site and feel well informed. I checked up the description for ingredients on the Sytropin website and feel that they are not bold enough to mention that Sytropin contains no HGH. However they do say it “contains HGH components…” I am beginning to have second thoughts on Sytropin. Is the human growth hormone supplement provided by you a complete and real human growth hormone?

I found the information on HGH at your site very useful. Thanks.

I reside in India (currently) and would like to know if you will ship your homeopathic HGH product to me here. I know by experience that it has cost me around $35 for international shipping. I hope you will ship it here.


Brattleboro, VT

Yes our product is a complete and real HGH.

We do ship to India.  $35 shipping to all international destinations.  Thanks for your inquiry and we appreciate your business!

I recently purchased the 3 bottle special of the advanced formula. I’m still within 2 weeks of it. I spoke to a friend of mine who is experienced in the injection form. He told me his doctor said any spray or pill is not real human growth hormone and the only real growth hormone is injections. I was wondering if I could have some insight into this from you to put my mind at ease and not feel like I was ripped off.


Austin, TX

His doctor is misinformed. Our HGH oral spray contains the same pharmaceutical human growth hormone that is in injections. It’s a homeopathic product so it’s allowed by statutes of the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004  for over the counter sales. Most doctors don’t believe in homeopathic oral sprays even though they have been helping to relieve diseases for over 150 years. Our spray gets 60%-80% of the same results as you would get with injections without the expense (paying doctors) or the needles. Real human growth hormone cannot be put in a pill form so the doctor was right about that.

Hope this helps. We appreciate your business!

Thank you for clearing that up! I’ll take a spray at 60-80% strength over poking myself with a needle any day (expense is not an issue). I thought about injections but if this spray actually work like it should, you have another lifetime customer. Thanks again.

Soooo say I spray 5 times a day once? Or maybe twice a day as directed (morning and night) and again a couple times during the day randomly. Any adverse effects other than wasting the product? Does it work that much more (or less)? Just a dosage question I suppose.

You’re probably wasting it. You’re body can only absorb so much in a given day. Take 3 times per day for the first 3 months. After that you can reduce it to 2 times per day. It takes a month for your body to get fully saturated. The doses right before bed and right when you wake up are the most important times.

Well based on the facts I’ve already purchased this oral spray and you (I trust) have been completely honest and knowledgeable, Do you have any prices on full year supplies? Maybe even 3 year supplies?

Dealer price, 12 bottles $499.95. There is no guarantee with that purchase. Dealers purchase for resale and already know the product works. But we give dealer prices to regular customers who want to save some money. The product has a 5 year shelf life.

We appreciate your business!

At this point I’m not looking for any money back guarantee. I believe the product works and why not keep it? I’ll be looking forward to further purchases.

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