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Confused By Products That Don't Contain HGH

My name is Ian, and I saw your oral spray on line. I must say I am quite confused between all different company's oral sprays and how they can say they have human growth hormone in it but really don't???

You are positively saying that your oral spray contains human growth hormone?  I am coming back from a knee injury and am starting back with cardio workouts that will lead to a split weight/cardio workout.  I need to drop about 50lbs. Will this oral spray do the job or am I better with something like Hydroxycut or Hoodia.? 

How long has your company been selling your oral spray?

Thank you, 

Brooklyn, NY

The companies that sell supplements that don't contain any human growth hormone fool you with the name of their product like "HGH Releaser" (which are a bunch of amino acids that may or may not stimulate your own pituitary to "release" more human growth hormone) or "HGH Precursor" (which is a word that means that it WILL be produced by your own body if you take this first), etc.  Just look at the ingredients.  If it says HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, or Somatotropin, then the real substance is in the supplement.  Companies cannot list these ingredients unless it's actually in their supplement.  Beware of companies that list ingredients such as "HGHr" or some other variation.  HGHr is not human growth hormone.  HGHr is a name the company made up for some combination of placebo material.  Unfortunately it's a pretty shady industry.

Some people see weight loss using our product.  Body builders take it to create more lean muscle mass.  Athletes take it because they feel 15%-20% stronger, last 15%-20% longer, and recuperate 15%-20% faster.  If this helps you in your workouts it's likely the weight will come off.  We can't speak to Hoodia or Hydroxycut because we don't sell those products.

Thanks for your interest and we appreciate your business!


I see that you state your oral spray contains "HGH" and not just amino acids that release more of the body's natural human growth hormone. Is this true?  I called Sytropin and even though  their website states that their spray does contain the real substance I asked and they said, "no, it did not." But they said the only way to get the real substance is thru injection!

If it is just a releaser then the affects wear off after several weeks because the body gets used to it. I want to know what yours has in it and what it will do and was your oral spray actually tested by the FDA or your product is just created in an FDA inspected lab?


Brooklyn, NY

Our ingredients are listed here:  http://www.21stcenturyhgh.com/growth-hormone-ingredients.htm

The ingredients are:

Original Formula:
Official HPUS: Pituitarum Posterium 30X.
Other: Somatropin (HGH) 30X, Liver Extract 3X.
Inactive Ingredients: Organic Alcohol 20% v/v, Purified Water USP.

Advanced Formula:
Official HPUS: Pituitarum Posterium 30X.
Other: Somatropin (HGH) 30X, Deer Antler Tips 6X, Liver Extract 3X.
Inactive Ingredients: Organic Alcohol 20% v/v, Purified Water USP.

The FDA does not test ANY specific brands of homeopathic oral sprays.  They allow over-the-counter sales of ALL homeopathic oral sprays as long as they contain dosages no stronger than 30X.  Dosages larger than this require a doctor's prescription.  Our lab that makes this product goes through continuous and rigorous FDA inspection processes throughout the year. 

We hope this answers your questions!

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