HGH Human Growth Hormone Response to “Cycling” and “Large Molecule”hgh human growth hormone

I noticed that most HGH directions say to take for 5 days then stop for 2 days and then take for 5 more days and stop for 2 more days, etc.

I purchased a 3 month supply a couple of weeks ago and all it says it 2 sprays under the tongue 3 times a day. Should there be a break in this cycle or just use the spray every day?


Easton, PA

Use every day.

The other “HGH” products you speak of are stacked amino acids and contain none of the real substance whatsoever. You need to take a day or two off per week when taking stacked amino acids. There are no amino acids in our product. So with our product no cycling is necessary and not recommended.

Some of your competitors claim that the HGH molecule is too big to be absorbed orally, and that the only way to deliver the real substance into the body that will work is through injection. What is your answer to this charge?

Bismark, MT

If I were selling injectable HGH Human Growth Hormone at a high price and was competing against oral sprays at a low price perhaps I’d use a half truth to increase my business as well!

If you took undiluted, non-homeopathic human growth hormone, the kind that is prescribed and injected into the system, and dropped it under your tongue, this would be true. But that ignores “homeopathic” in the phrase “homeopathic human growth hormone oral spray.” The homeopathic dilution process plus the inclusion of alcohol in the oral spray breaks down the molecular structure so that 30X CAN enter the body through the oral mucosa. Homeopathic products are the only way that any company has found to effectively administer human growth hormone sublingually.

You’re gonna love this product! You should try it.

To Whom it may concern,

I am considering a purchase of your product, though I need additional information. HGH human growth hormone research provided on other websites suggests that the presence of alcohol within a formulation will “fracture,” and/or negate the effectiveness of the molecules. Can you provide clinical proof that the alcohol present in your oral spray will have no effect on the successful delivery of human growth hormone into one’s system? This is a concern of mine, and I’d much appreciate some clarity to the matter.


Baton Rouge, LA

In fact the fracturing of the molecule is what allows it to enter the blood stream via the oral mucosa.  98% of the people who use our product experience an increase in IGF-1 levels in varying degrees which proves it’s efficacy.  2% of the population is not affected by it at all and no one seems to know why.  The best way for you to know if it will work for you is to try it.  We have a very liberal return policy.  Just send the bottles back and we refund your total purchase price.  Generally speaking we’ve found our product to get 60%-80% of the same results you would get from injecting pharmaceutical human growth hormone.  By the way, there is no way to put HGH Human Growth Hormone in a pill so anyone who is trying to sell you “HGH” in pill form is misleading you in one way or another.

We appreciate your business!

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