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Growth Hormone Questions Regarding the Czech Republic

Dear Customer Service,

I am interested in obtaining human growth hormone for weight loss purposes. I have read some of the literature on your website (21st century HGH+igf 1) and it doesn't really focus on this issue. Do you have any data on it’s effectiveness on weight loss? I am currently living in the Czech Republic – are you able to ship your product to this country? If I order the HGH + IGF-1 (3 bottles) is the international postage cost an additional $35.00?

Thank you for your time.


Sydney, Australia

$35 covers all international shipping. We can send the oral spray to the Czech Republic.

If you have a lot of weight to lose HGH probably isn't the right product for you. Those with small weight losses or body builders looking to gain lean muscle mass use it all the time. Most people purchase the product for one particular reason and after using it find that it helps them in many other ways they hadn't anticipated.

Hope this helps. You're gonna love this product!

Dear Customer service,

I am interested in purchasing your 21st Century HGH + IGF but am living in the Czech republic. I have tried to mail other products into the country and they have all been stopped by customs (Fed EX) and I have had many problems (or had to pay a substantial amount of money) to receive these goods. Is there any way (in your experience) that I can receive these goods without being stopped by customs or having to pay extra duty? If your shipment to me gets stopped by Fed Ex customs, and they return the product to you, do I still have to pay for it?

I am actually an Australian citizen (visiting for a few months) but that does not make any difference. Do you have a direct supplier in the UK as i sometimes make trips to London and would prefer to buy over the counter if at all possible. Any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated.


Sydney, Australia

We have no direct supplier in London but we ship successfully into Great Britain all the time if you have an address there that you can use.

We don't have much experience shipping to Czech. If your product is lost in customs we refund your money except for the $35 International shipping charges. Hope this helps!

I just purchased some of your HGH oral spray and I noticed that nowhere on your website does it show what dosage should be taken.  Is it 1 spray/day.....2 sprays/twice a day........or what.  I hope there is something in the packaging that addresses this otherwise how would anyone know how much to take at any time.  Please let me know what the proper, suggested dosage is.

Huntington Beach, CA

2 Sprays under the tongue, 3 times per day.  Directions are on the bottle.  

The best time to take it are right before you go to sleep and right when you wake up so leave it on your nightstand.  Then take it once more anytime during the day.  If you miss the daytime dose don't worry about it.  It takes four weeks to get completely into your system and two weeks to get out of your system.  Enjoy!

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