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Interesting Dialogue on HGH

Hello - 

About your site:

I read that you repudiate the Paypal connection but it is still on your Order webpage?

The point is that PayPal supports the merchant more than the consumer. As consumers we will never use PayPal. If some of our clients prefer to use PayPal to purchase our product we, as merchants, will oblige them. (Paypal became continuously problematical for us and so we canceled there service as of April 2005)

I called Maximum Result with questions and they insist that their product contains actual human growth hormone, contrary to what your website states?

On the Maximum Result website they have a page, http://www.doctors-choice-hgh-human-growth-hormone.com/HGH_Complex/hgh_complex.htm#Reason%206, that lists what's in their product as follows:
Active Ingredient 1:     Pituitary Extract 12X
Active Ingredient 2:     Liver Extract 3X
Active Ingredient 3:     Korean Ginseng 1X
Active Ingredient 4:     Arnica Montana 3X
Active Ingredient 5:     Acidum Phosphoricum 3X
Active Ingredient 6:     Carduus Marianus 1X

No matter what Maximum Results tells you I see no "HGH" or "Human Growth Hormone" listed in their "active ingredients" on their website. Do you?

I am boggled by the diverse contradictory info about human growth hormone.

So are we!  There are about 300 companies selling different forms of this product of which only about 30, in our opinion, are legitimate. So the consumer has about a 90% chance of hitting on a bogus company.

Do you agree that all non-prescriptive human growth hormone is homeopathic, or else a releaser-secretagogue, etc? Some companies, like yours, are openly homeopathic, others do not mention the word in connection with their product or their human growth hormone.

Yes. FDA regulations only allow non-prescription over the counter sales of oral spray in dilution rates used by homeopathic preparations. The pill "releasers/secretagogues" contain absolutely none of the real substance.

I read everything on your comprehensive site, & much else besides. I'd appreciate your reply.   

Thank you,  

Portland, OR

Good luck with your continued research (our product gives you what you want, at the best price, with the fastest shipping).

We appreciate your business!

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