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Theoretical Difference Between Pills And Sprays


I have a question regarding the Omega product. I need to see the difference with your oral spray and theirs.  Can you tell me the theoretical difference?

Cornell, NY

As a retailer I would feel a bit queasy selling a supplement as "Human Growth Hormone, HGH," if it had none of that in it. It would be more honest to sell a non-HGH supplement as an "Anti-Aging Rejuvenator" but not HGH.

Our supplement works on 98% of the people who try it and it continues to work for as long as they take it.

Because our supplement contains the real pharmaceutical substance the cost to produce it is much higher than those products that do not contain any of the real substance. Wholesale prices for amino acids and other natural stimulants that give the user a "kick" are very, very cheap. We've seen these non-human growth hormone products RETAIL for as low as $17.95.

Theoretically speaking, the non-human growth hormone product gooses your pituitary into action which creates human growth hormone which then stimulates your liver to produce IGF-1. Our homeopathic supplement makes your body think it already has human growth hormone in your system so it triggers your liver into producing IGF-1. IGF-1 is what brings the youthful benefits. Although our supplement does activate the pituitary to a slight degree, mostly it activates the liver into producing IGF-1. And that's why it continues to work over time for those people who continue to use it.

It's my guess that in Japan there is a much greater knowledge and acceptance of homeopathic oral sprays than in the United States. For that reason I think our oral spray would do quite well in Japan, more so than the non-HGH stacked amino product. We have several clients in Los Angeles who travel to Japan to visit family there twice a year. They always take a dozen bottles with them and it pays for much of their trip because they get between $89 and $129 per bottle.

I hope these explanations help. We appreciate your business!


First of all your product contains actual human growth hormone, correct? If so you guarantee that, right? Second of all, you say selling it without a prescription is illegal on your page, does that mean I need a prescription?

Staten Island, NY

The FDA allows over the counter sales of homeopathic human growth hormone oral spray, like ours, that contain the real pharmaceutical substance.  It must be "homeopathic" for it to be legal.  If you buy the real substance for injection you need a doctor's prescription.  Hope that explains it.

We appreciate your business!

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