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I ran into your web site while looking for HGH oral sprays.  Your web site is the first and only one I have found that doesn't try to hype you into buying their product.  Do you have any further information on other people's experience when taking your oral spray in terms of results? 

From your story, it sounds as if the only results that you have seen from taking the oral spray is the lack sleep required.  Can you elaborate on the other changes that you have seen?  How long have you been taking it?  Are you still taking it?  Is anyone taking it that is overweight?  What were the outcomes and their results?

Mobile, AL

HGH is an excellent general tonic.  Most people take it for one thing and realize that the results brought about positives in many other areas that they hadn't anticipated.  I was a professional athlete and human growth hormone aided my performance about 10-15%.  Other outcomes are: increase in thought processes, energy, and endurance.  People who are overweight do use it and get pretty good results.  Human growth hormone seems to curb appetite and aid digestion. 

I've been using it for over 3 years and continue to use it for its results.  We have a very liberal return policy and have less than a 1% return rate.  The best way to know about the effects of a product is to try it and see what it does for you.  If it's not worth the money just send it back and we will return all your money.  For us that means all of our customers happy, the ones that use it and the ones that don't.  Good Luck!

Having read your site pages on both the original Formula and the newer Advanced Formula with IGF-1, my question is this: my recent blood work indicates an IGF-1 level near the top of the normal reference range. Is there any benefit to me in choosing the IGF-1 product over the original?

Thank you,

Albany, NY

Everybody reacts to the product's effects differently so it's hard to know how it will affect you.  90% of our regular users are on the Advanced Formula.  10% are on the Regular Formula because they feel no difference between the two and don't want to spend the extra money.  Hope this helps.  We appreciate your business!

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