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FDA Approval Status For Homeopathic HGH

Hi there.

Question before I buy. According to your site the product you are selling is FDA approved. I tried to look this up but couldn't find your company listed anywhere. Please tell me how I can verify that information before I buy.


Bethesda, MD

The Federal Drug Administration does not approve any individual human growth hormone product for sale, no matter what anybody says. They have, however, generally allowed all Homeopathic human growth hormone oral sprays for over-the-counter sales as long as they use the "30X" ingredient designation. Any oral spray using "nanograms" is in violation of the law. Our lab, one of only two that produces homeopathic human growth hormone oral sprays, goes through numerous inspections throughout the year.

Our labeling is monitored by the Federal Drug Administration as described above. As such we are also required to put an expiration date and lot # on every bottle. That's the surest way you can tell if a product is under Federal Drug Administration monitoring and approval. So, just ask the vendor if their product contains an expiration date and lot # right on the bottle.

We know that the consumer is wary of our industry because there are over 300 companies selling "HGH" and it's our opinion that only about 30 are legitimate. The consumer only stands about a 10% chance of landing on a legitimate company unless they do further research as you are doing. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.


My name is Anthony and I am a potential customer. I am 18 years old 5' 11"and 130 pounds (hard gainer). Now if I take this oral spray will I get big? (as in big muscles)?

I don't want to waste my money on something that will not get me big.

Fredericksburg, WV

We have a lot of body builders who use our oral spray to develop lean muscle mass.

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