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FDA Approval and is HGH Molecule Too Big To Pass


My husband and I are 56. We're researching human growth hormone homeopathic oral sprays and are interested in using it. We have a question though. Some sources say that the HGH molecule is too large to pass through the membranes in the mouth, and that taking human growth hormone as a spray is a waste of money.

We would so much appreciate a comment from you. We like your web site and are emailing you because you seem to be pretty honest and knowledgeable about the subject.

Thanks much,

John and Lynn

Those who claim the molecule is too big to be absorbed under the tongue neglect to inform you that the alcohol in our product (required by the Federal Drug Administration as a preservative giving it a 5 year shelf life) breaks it down so that it can, and is, absorbed under the tongue. Testing of IGF-1 levels, before and after, proves that absorption does, in fact, occur.

We have a very liberal, no questions asked, full money back guarantee. If it doesn't work for you we have no problem returning your money (just return the used and unused bottles). Thanks for your inquiry. You're gonna love this product!

Hello 21st Century,

You say your oral spray is manufactured in an "FDA inspected lab" but is the PRODUCT itself approved by the Federal Drug Administration?

Thank you in advance for answering my question.


Homeopathic human growth hormone oral spray is generally accepted for over the counter sales by the Federal Drug Administration only in a homeopathic form. We are not permitted by the Federal Drug Administration to describe our product in "nanograms" and are required to describe the product in a dilution rate of "30X".

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