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Question Regarding Our FDA Inspected Lab

Dear 21st Century HGH,

A few questions that I'd appreciate some answers to.

How do you know that your competitor's manufacturer doesn't undergo the "rigorous" testing your lab does?  How do I know that your manufacturer even undergoes this "rigorous testing" other than what you're telling me?  No offense, but I can't exactly just "take your word for it. "

As for the velvet deer antler with IGF-1, does your product even contain it?  If not, why do you even care how much they put in ProBlen's product if it's not even an important factor of human growth hormone release?

Sorry for being so difficult but I want to make sure I have all the facts from both sides before I decide with whom to spend my time and money. Thank you, however, for taking the time to courteously and thoughtfully respond.


http://www.21stcenturyhgh.com/hgh-plus-igf-1adv.htm  This URL will take you to the page where we sell HGH including IGF-1 with Deer Antler and all the ingredients are listed there.

You don't have to trust us or any of our competitor's to know for sure if a product comes from a Federal Drug Administration monitored and inspected manufacturer. Simply look at the bottle yourself.

All products that come from an FDA insprected manufacturer must have a "lot #" and "expiration date" on every bottle that goes out for sale. The short story is that this lot # and date protects the consumer in many different ways and also protects the vendor from unfounded lawsuits. ProBlen, the last time we checked, does not contain this information on their bottles (e-mail them and ask).

Only about 30 companies out of 300 who sell "HGH" come from Federal Drug Administration monitored and inspected manufacturers. Unfortunately, the consumer has a 90% chance of landing on a website and buying a product that does not come from an FDA inspected lab.

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