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Five Human Growth Hormone Questions

I'm curious that you have an aol e-mail and not an oral spray.

1.  Are you a re-seller?

2. Who produces this oral spray?  

3.  Where is it manufactured? 

4.  How do you compare with Eden 1?  I have used this and found GREAT results, but it is a bit pricey.

5.  6-month guarantee?  I expect results within 4-6 weeks. What EXACTLY is your refund guarantee?  I need to use some of the oral spray to know if it works.  I guarantee you if I am not satisfied, I want my money back. 


Armonk, NY

We don't understand the subject of your email.  Our email address is AOL and we DO have an oral spray.  The product is 21st Century HGH. 

1.  We are not resellers.  We private label our own supplements.  We have 5 supplements, only top of the line, at the cheapest prices because we only market over the Internet.  We don't spend any money on print ads, radio, or TV.   There are 3 of us involved in the company.  That's how we can answer emails and provide fast service, including refunds.

2 and 3:  21st Century HGH is our company and the oral spray is manufactured in North Carolina. 

4.  We can't find anything on the Internet regarding Eden 1.  If you give us their URL we'll be happy to compare our oral spray with theirs.  You can usually tell if a vendor is legitimate if they have a link to their ingredients right on their homepage.  If you have to search and search for the ingredients we've found that in most cases the product doesn't contain any HGH. 

5.  Most people know if the HGH oral spray will work for them within a month.  Whether they buy 1 bottle or our 3 bottle special we only ask that all bottles be returned, new and/or used.  We discovered a few years ago that some people were ordering our product, reselling it unopened, then requesting refunds.  Most people request refunds within 90 days.  We never check the original purchase date.  We know that 2% of the population will not be affected by our product.  We also know that we refund only one half of one percent of our gross sales so it's not a big deal for us.  We issue refunds within 24 hours of receiving the bottles back.  Go ahead and try our product.  If you're not happy just return it.  We'll refund your money without you having to say anything.

We appreciate your business!

12/9/11 - For the third time this year, a professional sports league has introduced the possibility for HGH testing of its players. The NFL was the first to agree to it, but the testing still hasn't started. The MLB was next and it looks like the testing is a sure thing because the player's union isn't questioning the process. Now, the NBA may start HGH testing for its players. The new labor deal that was recently agreed upon contained an agreement to begin HGH testing. Read this article to get the inside scoop! read more

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