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HGH And Football

My name is Adriel and I'm 22 years old and a football player. I have questions regarding you product. I have been using the HGH as a football player for approximately a month and a half now and I'm not noticing any results and I thought you might be able to help me out. I take 2 sprays three times a day under my tongue and I let it sit for about 30 sec. to a minute.

My main concern is that I'm not really burning off any fat. I would like to know how long before I start to see my stomach go away, and I don't know if it takes a little longer for it to work. Also how fast does it burn fat? I also have been weightlifting as a football player on a regular basis and I have practice everyday, so I have been getting a good workout. I don't notice to be gaining any more muscle either. I don't know how this stuff works compared to steroids though.

Maybe I'm just being impatient but I thought I would at least be noticing something by now. I'm not taking any other supplements either other than a protein shake. I don't eat very much so maybe that might be part of the problem. Please if you could answer any my problems that would be great.



<<I don't know how this stuff works compared to steroids though. >>

Steroids are like an atomic bomb. Homeopathic HGH is like a firecracker.

Our product is a general tonic that quietly helps your body in many ways. If you are not "feeling" or "seeing" the results you can always return the product for a full refund. But it's probably affecting you in many ways that you don't know about. Most people in good shape, like the numerous body builders and other football player that use our product, feel positive benefits in 2-5 days although it takes about 4 weeks for the increased HGH to fully get into everyone's system no matter what kind of shape they are in.

We appreciate your business!


I am very interested in this oral spray. What I need to know, however, as a 52 year old female who has basically gone through menopause and has virtually no hormones left, can this oral spray help me?  I have read that it boosts hormone levels, but how can it if they are not there to start with?

Also, I looked on the 10top sellers and yours is not there. however, these are the products that you pointed out are "releasers" and do not have human growth hormone in them.

Main problems for me, no libido, and no sleep!

Also, where do you get human growth hormone from and pituitary extracts in your oral spray?

I need to make an informed decision as my money is precious.



We get a lot of women in your situation who swear by our oral spray.  It's very hard to predict how this product will affect anybody because it affects everybody differently.  You should try one bottle.  If it doesn't work just send it back for a complete refund.

Be very careful of what you read on the internet.  The reason why our oral spray was not in the "top ten" is because the owners of that website sell all the products they rate.  It's a bogus website, typical of those who sell "releasers" that contain no HGH.

All HGH today is synthetically produced in the lab.  Many years ago it was taken from cadavers but that practice was made illegal over 20 years ago.  The pituitarum is also synthetically produced in the lab and the liver extract is bovine.  The FDA insists that we put alcohol in the oral spray as a preservative that gives the product it's five year shelf life.  Most of our competitors have 30% alcohol but the FDA has allowed us to use only 20%.

We hope this helps and we appreciate your business!

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