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On my last email to you I mentioned that I would like to return the Moringa Zinga because I thought it was giving me too much nervous energy. I have been sick with the strep throat, sinus and ear infection for almost two weeks and I have not been responding well to the penicillin shot and the antibiotic pills. I have never been this sick in the past. I still have the ear infection that won't go away so I am seeing an ear specialist tomorrow.

The interesting thing is that the first two and a half months I was on the HGH + IGF-1 oral spray, I felt great and I was amazed that I was not getting sick with the flu when everyone else I was around got sick. I believe I mentioned this to you over the phone awhile back. The first five days I was on the antibiotic I noticed I was not getting better but worse, and I noticed liver spots on my face. I had been off Moringa for about a week at that time. Then something told me that liver spots had something to do with my liver. Hence, I stopped taking the HGH + IGF-1 oral spray and after  I have been off for about three days, I noticed that the liver spots started to disappear and I began to feel a little better.

I did some research  on Deer Antler and I did not know that it was from a deer bone and that it increased testosterone hormone in your body. I am thinking maybe in my case, my liver was telling me it was too much for my system to handle and that's where the liver spots come in. I cannot prove this clinically about the oral spray but I can only share my experience.

This is what I would like to do. I would like to return the two bottles of the Advanced (I purchased 3 bottles for a special price) and would like for you to replace them with two Original oral sprays. I am going to wait 4 weeks before I start on the Original oral spray again to see what happens and perhaps even reduce the dosage.

Would you be willing to do this for me?  Please let me know. Thank you.



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