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Growing Taller, Osteoarthritis, and How Long 1 Bottle Lasts

Question:    How often is the spray used and how long should one container of oral spray last?

I am interested in purchasing your product. I have printed all the information and I will visit my doctor next week and share it with him. I do not have any heath problems that I know of that should be affected by using this product. I am turning 51 years and I am in pretty good shape. I would like to keep my weight down without the struggle of watching everything I look at for fear of gaining a pound.

Thank you,

Newport, RI

2 sprays, 3 times per day. One bottle lasts 4-6 weeks.

You're gonna love this product!


I'm interested in purchasing your HGH oral spray. Would that help a 21 year old male gain some height?

Thank you!

Hartford, CT

There is no product on the planet that will make you taller. Sorry. (I'm 5'5"!)


I have read your website thoroughly, and find it very interesting. I am 55 years old, have rheumatoid arthritis, and am being treated with Remicade and Azulfidine. I developed it in my spine in the last year, and the cartilage is degenerating fairly quickly. Doctor has prescribed pain meds and physical therapy in addition to the rheumatoid drugs. I am still active when my joints allow me to be, not at all overweight, and have a cholesterol level of 123. Am I a candidate for HGH?

Thank you for your time.

Pittsburgh, PA

Yes. Try it and see if you get results. If not, just send the used and unused bottles back for a full refund.

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