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Dear 21st Century HGH,

Seems like your product is the real thing but why are you advertising 2 seemly different formulas gh1 and HGH in one and  what is the difference? And do you have a brochure for prices or just this site. Are you also running a scam?


These are not different formulas. "gh1" is not associated with us and it's impossible that you could have pulled it off of our site as anything we sell.

We sell two products. One is human growth hormone oral spray and the other is human growth hormone oral spray with natural velvet deer antler. The "Advanced Formula" containing the deer antler puts additional IGF-1 into your system which is what gives the youth reviving properties. Most of our regular users have switched over the the advanced formula and like it better, although 10% return to the original formula and like it just fine.

We have a brochure that we usually send out with the product. We only market over the internet. That's why our prices are so low.

We've been in business 12 years and have the most liberal of all return policies, both of which prove we are not a scam. We welcome any other inquiries.

We appreciate your business!

Return E-Mail:

So is the return policy for 30 days or 6 months and if you have to take the oral spray for longer than 30 days to see results, how will one be able to recoup their money if not satisfied? One more question do you have to cycle on and off for full results while taking the hormone?

Houston, TX

6 months. (Please send us the URL if you see anywhere on our site where it says it is only 30 days because we'll change that.) We only ask that you return all bottles (used and unused). (We discovered a group of people that were ordering the oral spray, reselling it new, then demanding a refund!)

If you don't feel any beneficial effects within 30 days, nothing is going to happen. We know that 2% of the population won't react to the product at all, and no one seems to know why. This is another reason why we have a no questions asked return policy. No sense in taking people's money if they don't respond.

12/12/11 - Ryan Braun, one of the MLB's rising stars, has recently been tested for performance enhancing drugs and the results came back as positive. In fact, the test was during the playoffs of last season and the results came back positive only a few weeks before he was named as the National League Most Valuable Player of the season. Had he used our oral spray for it's performance enhancing capabilities, as other players are doing, he certainly would have gone undetected. Braun is appealing the case so many details have been left out of the public's eye. What is next for this young star? read more

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