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Homeopathic Growth Hormone Height Increases Using HGH


I ordered your oral spray about a month ago and have I have been making the rounds emailing websites such as these. Can your product help achieve an increase of a few inches in my stature?

Lansing, MI

There is no product on planet earth that will help you grow taller.

21st Century Designer Health Products

That is. . . .besides the mighty HGH injections.

Lansing, MI

Maybe, with a capital M, and only if you are under 16 years old. And then, how do you know for sure?

21st Century Designer Health Products

You also forgot the cosmetic limb lengthening procedures that are available by surgeons now. Take a look at this psycho:  http://www.geocities.com/heightinc/

This is a cosmetic surgery procedure. Thank you for answering my question honestly as to whether or not your oral spray can impact my stature. I'm 6'9'' and I simply wanted to gain 2 inches for the 7'0''. Whenever I get intimate with women and take my shoes off they always realize eventually that my shoes give me extra height. I have vast knowledge on the human growth hormone injections and as with everything else there is much speculation by critics and followers alike. Peace.

Lansing, MI

I'm 5'5"!

21st Century Designer Health Products


I am 23 years old and currently on a stretching and supplement program to try and squeeze maybe an inch or more taller before its too late. I am wondering if using this human growth hormone spray will help in aid in my growth of being slightly taller. My rigorous stretching and resting program doesn't say anything about taking growth hormone but it just makes sense. If the HGH makes you grow as part of what it does, why doesn't it say anywhere that it can also make you a tiny bit taller with many other factors pending of course. I have common sense on growing taller at an older age but i have done a lot of research on it.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know anything you can think of on this subject. Thank you and have a great day!


<<why doesn't it say anywhere that it can also make you a tiny bit taller>>

The FDA won't allow us to recommend the oral spray for anyone under 21 years old. Injectible HGH is used on many people under 18 for this purpose. How do you know if a patient had an increase in height that they normally wouldn't have had?  Since we only recommend it for people over 21, homeopathic growth hormone height increases are not normally an issue. Since this homeopathic oral spray is so gentle on the system you have nothing to lose to try it. We have many body builders in their 20's and 30's using the product. Good Luck!

21st Century Designer Health Products

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