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I'm a 21-year old male that is measures at 5-10 and weighs about 160 pounds. Right now I have 8% body fat and I'm constantly working out to keep in shape and build a bit of muscles. I do have a question however concerning the human growth hormone oral spray and would like to get an honest to God response to help me decide if this HGH oral spray is right for me.

As a male I would like to reach a few extra inches in the greater stature department. In all honesty I would like to be at least 6'1" but want to get up to 6'5" at the most and was wondering if your oral spray or a similar product helps with height stimulation growth. I have no problem with the size I'm at right now but would like to get taller. The taller (to a point) the better off I would be for my own purposes. Right now I play many sports that require height to get an upper advantage. However, I'm not one to use any forms of steroids to to the cheating and bodily harm that comes from their use.

Is there "anything" that I can do about this situation? Please let me know. 

Thank You,


No.  Sorry.  There is nothing on the planet that will make you grow taller even an inch.  Otherwise, basketball players would all be over 8 feet tall.  Be thankful that you are a perfect 6'1"! 

We have many body builders who use our oral spray to develop lean muscle mass.

We appreciate your business!

Hi, my name is Chris,I am a 33 year old male and thanks for taking the time to read this.  I am interested in HGH and your products. What I want to know is if human growth hormone will help me build lean muscle faster as well as provide all the other benefits listed? While all the benefits seem promising, building muscle faster is top on my list. I was unaware that true HGH could be purchased without a prescription so I am very excited about your products.

Our product is very individualized and so how it will help you is very difficult to predict.  We do have a lot of body builders on the product who swear by it.  Most people buy it to get the benefits in one or two areas and then find out it is helping them in five or six areas.  It's a great tonic that helps many athletes and performers in lots of different disciplines.  Good Luck!

We appreciate your business!


I have been reading all about HGH and believe that your product looks to be the best and most honest. I read through your Faq.  section and wondered about something. As the levels of human growth hormone decrease in production as we age, would a person who is using your product need to use an increased amount at age 70 then at age 30 to have the body increase its development? Just something I wondered. Thank you for your time.


Blowing Rock, NC

Yes but there is just so much that your body will absorb.  It takes 30 days for your body to be as saturated as it can be whether you are 70 or 30.  The good news is that someone who is 70 will feel the increase of HGH more than someone who is 30 because the HGH levels beginning therapy are so much lower.

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