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Sublingual Absorption of HGH

Thanks Much For The Quick Reply !!!

Let Me Ask For Your Take On One More Thing... I've Read Articles That State That The HGH Molecule Is Much Too Large To Be Absorbed Sublingually ... How Would You Answer That ???

Thanks Again,

Wantaugh, NY 

We get this question all the time. Those articles take a thread of truth and misapply it in the hopes of convincing you that human growth hormone oral sprays are ineffective.  We know human growth hormone gets into the system because we have tested IGF-1 levels before and after. If the oral spray didn't work, why do IGF-1 levels rise? 

Now, if you took undiluted, non-homeopathic, human growth hormone, the kind that is prescribed by doctors and injected into the system, and dropped it under your tongue, the theory that the molecule is too big to be absorbed under the tongue would be true. 

However, that ignores "homeopathic" in the phrase "homeopathic human growth hormone oral spray."  The homeopathic dilution process plus the inclusion of alcohol in the product breaks down the molecular structure of Human Growth Hormone so that HGH 30X CAN enter the body through the oral mucosa.  This is the only way that any company has found to effectively administer Human Growth Hormone sublingually so that IFG-1 levels rise substantially.

Remember, it's not HGH that brings the invigoration properties. It's IGF-1 produced in the liver that brings the invigoration properties. Using our product triggers the liver to produce exactly what you want.

Hi again, 

I found some articles that I wanted to get your thoughts on.  The following:


Though it talks about human growth hormone and Sex Steroids in combination, it also reports adverse affects from using just human growth hormone alone.  Some adverse they report affects include:

-An increased incidence of glucose intolerance and diabetes among men

-Joint pain, swelling, and carpal tunnel syndrome. In general, men experienced more frequent and severe side effects than did women. Eighteen men treated with human growth hormone developed either transient glucose intolerance, a precursor to diabetes, or diabetes, compared with seven men not receiving it.

-The adverse effects found in this study follow a recent report suggesting that long-term treatment of young and middle-aged adults increased the risk of subsequent cancer.

On another site:  http://altmed.creighton.edu/HGH/Adverse%20Effects.htm

They report potential side effects of Bloating, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Gynecomastia, Glucose intolerance, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Decreased thyroid, Arthralgias, Myalgias, Peripheral edema, Papilledema (rare), Congestive Heart Failure, Prostate Cancer.  Some have also said it causes brain tumors and/or pituitary tumors.

In any case, isn't it true that it hasn't been out long enough for there to be conclusive facts about its potential side-effects and hazards, even if used in smaller doses?

Any thoughts on all this and the articles?

Newburgh, NY

Don't confuse the homeopathic oral spray you are taking with the pharmaceutical substance that is injected into the body.  Both studies you refer to are about pharmaceutical injections.  No one has ever been hurt by any homeopathic remedy, HGH or any other.  The second study you refer to does not cite any references to back up her research.  I don't know who Amanda McQueen is, author of the website, but it's my guess it's probably a university student as she gives a disclaimer that the statements on the website are not endorsed by the university or the medical center.

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