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Questions About Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone

Hello people!

Could you please expand on why there is only one ideal recipe for homeopathic human growth hormone and how that is known.


Cherry Hill, NJ

You need to read up more and do internet searches on "homeopathy. "  These remedies are very gentle on the body but very powerful in its effect.

You can measure the amount of human growth hormone in a body by measuring IGF-1 levels. Unfortunately, it's an expensive test. The recipe that works best is "30X. "  When the recipe is changed to include more human growth hormone, IGF-1 levels actually decrease. When the recipe is changed to include less human growth hormone, IGF-1 levels also decrease.

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Hi 21st Century,

I'm interested in trying this product, but before I do I'd like a few basic questions answered. Thanks.

As per your 21st Century oral spray what is the basis or background for their to be as your site says "only one advantageous dilution rate" (to which I assume is the 30X)? In my experience with these preparations it can be unique to the person as to the best dose level. My question is why is this a one size fits all global approach? If the product is so young and there are no real studies on the formulas then what is it based upon? And is that really reliable?

Secondly, what is the specific source that your product starts with (before dilution)? I'm assuming its not from cadavers, so is it from one of these drug companies that I see here in the Physicians Desk Reference? Does this Lab you use make the human growth hormone itself, then make the HGH preparation from that or does it get the source substance from somewhere else and then make the preparation from that? 


Napa, CA

This 30X homeopathic human growth hormone recipe seems the most effective for the greatest number of people. 2% of the population doesn't react to it at all, probably because, as you said, the dosage isn't individual specific.

 All human growth hormone today is synthetically produced, the identical molecular chain is manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. The use of HGH from cadavers has been outlawed since 1985. Our lab gets the real somatotropin from the pharmaceutical company and then produces the final homeopathic product.

We appreciate your business!


I was wondering if people could only purchase the homeopathic human growth hormone spray or can they purchase the pills or the shot. I hope to hear the answer to this question soon. take care.

Portland, ME

You need a doctor's prescription to purchase the shots.  The pills contain no HGH in them.  So we only sell the spray.

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