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Human Growth Hormone And Lower Immune Responses


Are there any long term effects like lower immune response etc ??  How do they benefit women ??

Monroe, LA

You should have higher immune response. We know of no long term negative effects from any homeopathic remedy.

Everyone responds to the product differently so it's hard for us to tell you how it will affect you. Almost everyone buys it for one or two reasons and then realizes after using it that it is helping them in many ways they hadn't anticipated. Read through the website more fully for benefits.

So i don't need to buy testosterone, progesterone or DHEA if I get HGH?

Do you simply gain muscles and lose fat without working out?  or if you work out, then you will gain more mass and less fat?

<<So i don't need to buy testosterone, progesterone or DHEA if I get HGH?>>

Try the supplement alone first without the others. Then you'll know how much of the other you'll need.

<<Do you simply gain muscles and lose fat without working out ?  or if you work out, then you will gain more mass and less fat?>>

Everyone reacts differently to the product so it's hard to predict what it will do for you. Exercising in the gym will definitely enhance the muscle to fat ratio as many of our clients are body builders.

I have read the research done by Dr. Daniel Rudman. He describes the research as done on individuals 40+ years old. I am 32 and I am looking for something to help me prepare for the marathon and ironman. I have had problems with injuries and weight gain. Will human growth hormone really work the way I need it too? Will this injure my pituitary gland and stop the human growth hormone that is already being produced?

I've read your website and other websites, they all say the same thing. I have used diet supplements to help lose the pounds. I developed cramps, bonking on runs, and dehydration. Nothing very promising. I am looking for something that will aid in my progress to accomplishing my goals. I am not a professional athlete, but would rather not develop health problems using a supplement.

Fort Wayne, IN

Most people buy our oral spray for one specific purpose and realize it helps them in many ways they hadn't anticipated.  It's hard to know how you will respond to it because everyone responds to it differently.  We have many athletes under the age of 40 on the oral spray: runners, body builders, baseball players, tennis players, football players, etc. 

Homeopathic products are as gentle and safe as you can use.  The target of our product is the liver not the pituitary.  The liver is triggered to produce more IGF-1 which is what delivers the invigoration properties.  Actual human growth hormone levels rise minimally and return to their old levels when use is discontinued.  You should try our product and if it doesn't work for you just send the used and unused bottles back for a complete refund.

We appreciate your business!

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