Human Growth Hormone for Anti-Aging

HGH Comments, Questions, And Answers Index

1. Homeopathics
What are homeopathics and how does it work?

2. Is Human Growth Hormone legal?
Are over-the-counter sales of homeopathic human growth hormone really legal?

3. FDA Approval of HGH
Your comments and answers regarding FDA approval and a waste of money.

4. FDA Lab
A comment and answer regarding our FDA Lab.

5. Actual Studies
Inquiry about actual studies regarding Growth Hormone.

6. Human Growth Hormone Unsolicited Testimonial
Unsolicited testimonial from a user.

7. Testimonial and Questions
A user loves the product and has some questions.

8. Source of Human Growth Hormone
What is the source of your human growth hormone?

9. Human Growth Hormone Advertising
Inquiry from a body builder regarding advertising and marketing methods..

10. Equivalent Amounts
A discussion relating mgs and dilution rates.

11. Is the oral spray safe and real?
This page answers the question.

12. What is the effect on the liver
How does the oral spray effect the liver.

13. Source of Liver Extract
Where does the liver extract come from?

14. Advice HGH comparison with 21st Century HGH
This page compares Advice with 21st Century. Which is better?

15. Zlabs
Our product compared with zlabs and tools for wellness.

16. Genf20 and Renuva
Comparison of 21st Century and Genf20 and Renuva.

17. Maximum Result's Outrageous Claim
A comment and answer regarding Maximum Result's claim "to be the best on the market."

18. Renuva
A comment and answer regarding Renuva.

19. Omega GH
Your comments and answers to questions about Omega GH.

20.Rejuvenex HGH
Inquiry regarding other vendors and rejuvenex.

21. Always Young
Inquiry regarding Always Young.

22. Cocoon GH
Cocoon GH is very heavily marketed. Is it any good?

23. Emails from
An exchange of 3 emails initiated by Eternal.

24. Blood Test and Capsules
Growth Hormone tests and capsule efficacy.

25. Workouts and Weight Loss
Muscle mass and losing weight.

26. Advanced and Regular Formulas
Discussion about the difference in formulas.

27. Immune Response
How human growth hormone affects immune response.

28. More on FDA Approval
FDA approved product explained.

29. When to take Human Growth Hormone Oral Spray
The best times to take the homeopathic oral spray.

30. Questions from Australia
Shipping information and whether "cycling" is necessary.

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