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You list in your Active Ingredients:  Human Growth Hormone 30X. What exactly is contained in your oral spray?  I've looked at many websites and they all list things such as these to name a few:


Which leads me to my next question . . . I've read in several articles that if a person takes the shots, their body realizes it has too much of the substance and will stop producing it naturally and it can take months or even years after stopping the shots for your body to resume producing naturally at the normal rate. If your oral spray has the real stuff in it, do I run the risk of that happening if I take it??


Abilene, TX

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is Human Growth Hormone.  

What you listed above are available in other products that make you think those things add up to the real substance, but they don't. They are what they are and basically they add up to a few pennies worth of amino acids which they sell you at the same high price of oral sprays like ours that contain the real thing. They contain absolutely none of the substance whatsoever. It's very frustrating for us.

Only those oral sprays that actually say on the label, "Human Growth Hormone," will add it into your system. The other products stimulate your own pituitary gland to produce more which it does quite well. But after about 4-8 weeks the body adapts to the stimulation and refuses to be stimulated anymore and your body no longer produces the additional supplement. Those products that contain the actual supplement do not rely on pituitary stimulation because they are putting the real substance into your system without relying on the pituitary.

Products without human growth hormone work for 4-8 weeks just fine and then stop working. Products with it continue to work forever.

We appreciate your business!

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