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Is There An Interval For Growth Hormone Use

Should we not have some kind of interval in using the oral spray? Maybe take the spray for 5 days and stop for 2 days or take it for 3 weeks and stop for week? Does your HGH need to be taken 365 days a year without any sort of cycling as with other HGH releasers?

Thanks for the reply.

Salt Lake City, UT

You are confusing our supplement with "releasers" that contain none of the real substance whatsoever.  Those supplements need to be "cycled."  Ours does not.  Releasers depend on the stimulation of the pituitary gland to produce human growth hormone.  Since the gland gets used to the stimulation, cycling is recommended.  You can't really fool the pituitary gland though, so cycling doesn't work very well and releasers only work for two to three months at most.  We get people buying our product all the time after they've used releasers, get the great benefits, then two months later lose all the great benefits. 

Our product does contain the real substance so it doesn't matter if the pituitary gland is stimulated or not.  But it's not the human growth hormone or the pituitary gland that's the essential factor.  It's the liver.  Releasers goose the pituitary, oral sprays goose the liver.  The body reacts to the increase in real human growth hormone by triggering the liver to produce IGF-1, which is the substance that makes you invigorated.  It takes about a month for the additional human growth hormone to fully saturate your system with our product and a month for it to totally leave your system, so stopping for a few days will not accomplish anything. 

We recommend spraying 3 times per day.  If you miss a dose it's no big deal.  After 3 months on the product you can probably cut back to 2 sprays per day as a maintenance dose (the bottles will last longer).  And also, the two best times to take our product is right before you go to sleep and right when you wake up.

Hope this helps!


I am reading Suzanne Somers newest book "Breakthrough." She speaks highly of HGH injections to give her energy and help with the aging process. I will soon be 65. I have been on sleeping pills for years. I feel tired and tensed. I am looking to help myself more with my low estrogen levels and am not keen on paying the very high prices for personalized bioidentical hormones. We will see on that.

Would HGH from your oral spray really help my energy and sleep patterns? I would be taking giant leaps if I could trust I would sleep without a chemical aid.

If all your claims are what they say you are helping many people with a legitimate product available not only for the rich but for all of us.

Gratefully, Connie
San Diego, CA

Yes we have many people who have been aided by our product. However, everybody responds to the product differently so it's hard to know how it will work for you. We do have a 90 day, no questions asked, guarantee. So you should try it. If it doesn't help you just send it back for a full refund.

We appreciate your business!

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