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HGH Questions From Japan

Here is the product that I would like you to compare to. It is the Omega GH, which claims to be HGH. My friends are looking at that one for import. Can you give me some feedback and send me email about your product.

I have spoken to you on the phone and have ordered your products for myself here. I will also need to ship some to Japan. Can you explain the question from Mr. Yagi below?  Are you willing to make better pricing for larger volumes?


Begin forwarded message:

I have read all the information on 21stcentury.com and other articles on secretagogue including OmegaGH and toolsforwellness.com. , as well as Zlabs.us.

I have one question on 21st Century products, which states that alcohol breaks down large molecules of human growth hormone so that it can be absorbed under the tongue. My question is how to combine them together after it was broken down. They may say that there are receptors for each component, but it is not satisfiable because rebuilding  exactly the same human growth hormone molecule is hardly possible.

All of their comments combined, it still is very difficult to get younger. I have been using OmegaGH for 310 days now and feel still good.

May be you can ask 21st Century on the above point.


The let down you speak of is the pituitary gland shutting down after being stimulated for about 6 months. I was using AL stuff but quit because of this, and that is what started my research on finding true products. This human growth hormone is synthesized, and not the old stuff. The old stuff prior to 1995 used extract of  pituitary gland of cadavers  to give to patients. It was given by injection and only could be given by doctors. In recent years scientist have been able to duplicate it without the need of mammals. This is the reason that it can be sold now without a doctors rx.

Omega even cost more and is not human growth hormone. Have you gone to their website?  You should take a look at it and read the info. I did a lot of searching for this stuff and decided to stick with this product. All real human growth hormone will be the same regardless who markets it.   For the credit card order send me the visa number, exp date, 3 digit security number on the back, and the exact name on the card. In the future as we develop this, it may be in the interest of the company to issue me a credit card to better handle the credit card purchase for Melax. This would be better for security.

I am adding another email from the company that contains the reply from the company and also the pricing.


I've read comments by 21st Century. It is interesting that there is a phenomena called "amino-let-down". I would like to experience real human growth hormone from this guy. I may need several bottles sent to my home address below:

From 21st Century:

What volumes are you considering?

If Mr. Yagi still likes Omega after 310 days he should probably stick with the product (although we would be curious to know how he does with 21st Century HGH). It's very unusual that his pituitary hasn't shut down. He probably likes the way he feels due to the addition of amino acids into his system and not because HGH levels have increased. Just a guess on our part.

HGH triggers the liver to produce IGF-1. IGF-1 is what gives the youthful benefits. Omega stimulates the pituitary to produce human growth hormone which triggers production and release of IGF-1 by the liver into the system. The whole nature of Homeopathic products is to take a small bit of something (like flu, allergies, or HGH) introduce it into the body in order to get the reaction (trigger) you want. That's why the recipe for each homeopathic remedy is so precise. As a result, you do not need the entire human growth hormone molecule intact to get the body to trigger the liver to produce IGF-1. As I mentioned in an earlier e-mail, IGF-1 levels can be monitored through blood tests (although these blood tests are expensive). That's how we know our product works over time and the non-HGH releasers do not.

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