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A Question Regarding The Legality Of HGH

I have heard much about HGH and am not certain what I would be interested in. First of all - IS IT LEGAL????   

That to me is most important.

i have heard that the spray type is not worth they hype and that the injectible is the only product that actually works.

I am not very interested in putting needles into my skin. Can you let me know.

I am 37 years old - I work out 3-5 times a week and am 5'4 - 5'5 around 125.

I do not need to lose a lot of weight but would like to have more muscle tone and less fat.

Please let me know - I am very interested in your oral spray (probably the HGH+IGF-1) although I would not want to spend money on an oral spray that does not work. Explain why the IGF-1 product is so much more superior.

Thank you

Morristown, NJ

<<IS IT LEGAL????>>

Absolutely. The FDA regulates the wording on our labels and inspects our lab regularly. They wouldn't do this if our product was not legitimate to sell over-the-counter. Beware of any vendor/website that tells you that homeopathic HGH oral spray is legitimate to sell over the counter! 

<<i have heard that the spray type is not worth they hype and that the injectible is the only product that actually works. >>

The pharmaceutical industry has very deep pockets and is more than annoyed that a share of this "anti-aging" market is being taken by more gentle, natural remedies other than full potency, harsh drugs. They have just begun a large campaign to debunk all products other then their own. Our oral spray gets 60%-80% of the same results you would get if you were taking the expensive injections. You're free to make your own decision. The reason why we have such a liberal return policy is that we know that if you try the product you will know for yourself that it works, in spite of everything you might read that tells you it doesn't!  If it doesn't work for you (and for 2% of the population it doesn't), just send all the bottles back for a full refund. No questions asked.

<<Explain why the IGF-1 oral spray is so much more superior. >>

HGH triggers your liver to produce IGF-1, which is the substance that brings all the invigoration benefits. Our Advanced Formula does not rely on just the liver producing this substance but adds it directly to your system in the form of Deer Antler.


Is your 21st Century HGH from a cadaver source or is it recombinant?  I work at a blood bank and need to know.

St. Louis, MO

Taking it from cadavers has been illegal for over 20 years now. All HGH today is recombinant, synthetically produced in the lab, including ours.

Thank you - I will place an order for HGH- I am just skeptical buying something that I have never tried or known anybody to try.

I know body builders that take injectable and it works - but I do not want to use needles. I also want to buy something legal.

Thank you!! I will try your product.

Morristown, NJ

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