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HGH Question About Liver

I'm 57 and my wife is 66. We've been using your human growth hormone, with I think, good results. I HAVE been looking younger for sure and I feel good. We've been on it now for over a month. Yours is the best one we have used! I WAS using the Somatropin. . .after reading about it just really being amino acids. . .went with you.

Here's the deal. My wife is freaking out because her blood work-up came back and her liver is showing a slight abnormality.

Direct Bilirubin 0.4H
Indirect Bilirubin 1.2H

But here's what we need to look at. . .she drinks a bottle of wine every day!  I think the alcohol has more to do with it. I know you are not doctors. . .but I really don't think the oral spray would effect her like the alcohol would?

What do you think. . .just your opinion and experience. I won't hold you to anything.

Thank you,

Lansing, MI  

PS She is not going to drink OR take the oral spray for one month and will get another work-up. . .trouble is, we won't know IF the HGH is a problem this way??

There is liver extract in our product. It is there to aid the organ in the production of IGF-1, which is what gives the youthful effects. If anything, our product should help her organ function.

I think you've done the right thing by stopping the use of both wine and human growth hormone. If her tests normalize next month, go back on the human growth hormone and see if it knocks the results out of whack again. I doubt that it will.

Please keep us informed so that we can expand our knowledge base.

Thank you! Will do.


Thanks again for your response and for answering my question. I will definitely ask Cocoon Nutrition for further details however the founder has been arrested and is currently in detention by the FDA. I think it is very unfortunate that the government is cracking down like this. I am going to order and try out your oral spray.

My only remaining question is regarding the deer antler. Since this is a natural substance and, I imagine, not regulated by the FDA why do you give the dosage used in homeopathic terminology (6X) and not reveal just how much of the deer antler is really in it? Is there a reason why you deliver the deer antler in the same way as the HGH even though it does not come under the same restrictions and is a completely different molecule? Are their better ways to introduce the deer antler to your system other than through an oral spray?

Thank you again for your kind and thoughtful response to my questions.


Pittsburgh, CA

Do some research on "homeopathy" and all your questions will be answered. The FDA requires that we list the ingredients of our homeopathic oral spray in homeopathic terms. We can't list our HGH content in nanograms and we can't list our deer antler in mgs because it's a homeopathic preparation. Some vendors mix the terminology because their labs are not inspected or approved by the FDA. Ours is FDA inspected and labeling is an important part of their inspections. Other vendors risk being closed down and fined. We don't.

We are heartened to know that you are choosing a reputable company over a disreputable company. We appreciate your business!


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