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Claims Made By Maximum Result HGH


I have been using you're oral spray for a while now and I am happy with what I'm seeing so far. There is a product on the Internet called Maximum Result that claims to be the best on the market
http://www.doctors-choice-hgh-human-growth-hormone.com. How do you feel you're supplement compares to theirs. As you know there are so many sites on the net and it is very confusing.

Thank You,

Annapolis, MD

There is no human growth hormone in this product. Comparing our product to theirs is like comparing apples to hammers. If you want to eat a fruit, eat a fruit, not a tool.

The ingredients of Maximum Result are listed on the bottom third of the page you sent us to at http://www.doctors-choice-hgh-human-growth-hormone.com/HGH_Complex/hgh_complex.htm#Reason%206 and they are: Pituitary Extract 12X, Liver Extract 3X, Korean Ginseng 1X, Arnica Montana 3X, Acidum Phosphoricum 3X, Carduus Marianus 1X. There is no mention of "HGH", "Human Growth Hormone", or "Somatotrophin." The industry is confusing because vendors like Maximum Result sell "Doctor's Choice HGH" without putting any of the real supplement in it! Our "21st Century HGH" has the real substance in it! I don't know how vendors like this can sell what they call "Human Growth Hormone Complex" without putting any in there, but they do.

This product stimulates your own pituitary to produce more human growth hormone, which it does, but only for about six weeks. Then your pituitary gets used to the stimulation and stops producing the added supplement. Our product puts it into your system and so is not dependent on any action from the Pituitary.

If you are happy with our oral spray you should stick with it, especially since it contains the actual ingredient you want.

Thanks for the business and your inquiries are appreciated.

So the regular formula is an enhancer and the advanced formula is the real thing, human growth hormone? I'm seriously thinking about starting the therapy and I want the real thing. 


Niagra Falls, NY

No.  They are both the real thing.  The Advanced Formula includes IGF-1 Velvet Deer Antler, but they both contain the real substance.

Human growth hormone triggers your liver to produce IGF-1 which is what gives you the invigoration properties.  So the Advanced Formula doesn't rely just on the triggering of your liver but also puts IGF-1 into your system.

The Advanced Formula is what 90% of our regular users buy including body builders and other athletes.

I just ordered a 3 pack of your advanced formula.  I'm a 30 year old former professional athlete with various overuse injuries, sprains, etc, and I'm excited about seeing all the changes so far.  My question is about Maximum Result.  Their website was convincing and so were their testimonials.  Would you say they were in the "1 month of effectiveness" category?   

San Jose, CA

Yes.  Our "testimonial" would be that we get about 2 of their customers per month switching over to our product.  Enjoy!

We appreciate your business.

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