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I have been lifting weights for about 7 years and I have increased my mass from 158 to 215. I am looking for something, other than steroids, to put on more mass. Will human growth hormone put on muscle for me? If so, how long do I have to take it and what dosages? I am very interested in buying some but I would like to know about gaining some weight first. Also, the other benefits sound wonderful too.

Thank you,


Will this product put on mass for me. If so, how long do I have to take it and what dosages?

Yes. Use for one month to see what kind of results you are getting. Dosage is 2 sprays under the tongue, 3 times daily. One bottle lasts one month. You should also check out http://www.moringausa.com. It's the best kept secret amongst the athletes and professional performers today.


I have sent a couple of emails to you asking about muscle and weight gain. I have one more question for you regarding the HGH with IGF-1. Will you guarantee weight gain and increased muscle with your human growth hormone? The reason I ask is because the internet is a great place to lose money. Thank you again!

West Islip, NY

Will you guarantee weight gain and increased muscle mass with your product?

All our products are guaranteed. We have so few requests for returns that it's not a big part of our business. The product does not work at all for 2% of the population and we don't know why. If the product doesn't work for you just send the used and unused bottles back to us and we'll issue you a full refund to your credit card.

Dear 21st Century:

I noticed on your webpage that you state the alcohol breaks down the HGH molecule so that it can be absorbed.  My question is if you break down the molecule, how can it still be HGH at that point and continue to be effective?

My wife and I have been using it for a month, and she claims an improvement in her energy levels, but I haven't noticed a change yet...


Palm Springs, CA

Your question is answered in the nature of homeopathic remedies.  To gain a better understanding you might want to do a google search under the term "homeopathy."  All homeopathic remedies work the same way.  You take a small piece of something, ingest it, and it triggers the body into responding as if it had a huge increase in something.  Our human growth hormone is formulated with the exact recipe that triggers your liver to produce IGF-1, the stuff that gives you the invigoration properties.  These increases can be measured in blood tests. 

2% of the population does not respond to any form of homeopathic remedies.  No one seems to know why.  That's why our product carries a no questions asked returned policy.  If you haven't felt any changes in a month it's unlikely that you will.  You, unfortunately, may fall in the 2% category.  We are glad your wife is responding!

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