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Nanogram Content Of Our HGH Oral Spray


I have two questions:

a)  How many nanograms of human growth hormone per spray does your Advanced Formula with Deer Antler provide?

b)  Do you have any experience with shipment of your Advanced Formula with Deer Antler to Germany or the European Union in general? Maybe you have successfully shipped to Germany before?

Thank you for your reply.


The FDA will not allow us to describe our product in nanograms.  It's illegal.  Our Advanced Formula Deer Antler is homeopathic.

We've had no trouble shipping into the EU and have shipped many orders to Germany.

Thanks for the inquiry.

Hi, I am researching legitimate homeopathic oral sprays, possibly considering buying yours.  I had 2 questions:

1.)  What is your opinion of the following supplement and whether it is at all effective or helpful?:



2.) I've seen sites claiming: it is a violation of Federal Law to sell any product that contains human growth hormone without a prescription. It’s illegal! The Department of Justice has already prosecuted at least one company for the illegal sale of growth hormone without prescription that was not in injectable form.

Is this true and is your product in any way in violation of this Federal Law?

3.) Are there any potential negative side-effects to your Advanced Deer Antler Formula?


1.  The ingredient page shows no "HGH", no "Human Growth Hormone", or "Somatotropin."  If it doesn't show any one of these three ingredients, all of which are the same name for the same thing, it doesn't contain any human growth hormone whatsoever.  It will work for one month, tickling your pituitary to produce more human growth hormone.  After a month your pituitary will get used to the tickle and stop producing the additional substance.  We get dissatisfied users of these "releaser" products coming to us all the time.

2.  Injectible HGH needs to be prescribed by a doctor and it is a violation of Federal Law to possess injectible human growth hormone without a prescription.  Obviously it would be illegal to sell injectible human growth hormone without a doctors prescription.  The confusion comes because it is perfectly legal to sell HOMEOPATHIC HGH.  Homeopathic oral spray is made with the same pharmaceutical substance that is sold for injections.  The FDA allows HOMEOPATHIC oral spray for over-the-counter sales.  If it's not HOMEOPATHIC it is illegal to sell over-the-counter.  If it is HOMEOPATHIC it is legal for sale without a doctors prescription.  The FDA monitors our labeling and inspects our lab several times per year.  So if we were in any violation of the law they'd certainly be telling us.  You didn't reference the site that made the "violation of Federal Law" claim so we can't check it out.  You also didn't mention the company that was prosecuted by the Department of Justice "for the illegal sale of growth hormone without prescription that was not in injectable form" so we can't check that out either.

3.  We know of no side effects using our Advanced Formula with deer antler.  90% of our regular users, 100% of our athletes and performers, are on this product and report no negative side effects.

We hope this has helped you and we appreciate your business!

the site i found was:


if you had time to research it.

There is no "Dr. Michelle Bosten" that we could locate in Southern California.  Why is there no contact number, address, or email listed on this website?  I think if you did research on who actually owns this website you might discover that it's the same people who own Maximum Result!  Pretty scuzzy, huh? 

Why is it so hard to find the ingredients to this product on the Maximum Result website?  Because it contains no human growth hormone.  This is a good example of scammers trying to prove to you that they are not the scammers!

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