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I just recently ordered your oral spray for shipment it is Saturday the 20th. I would like to request that when you send it that it does not require a signature because I might not be home when the mail shows up and I don't want to chance it getting sent back to you so could you do that for me? Thank you.

Also I was wondering...I went to the health food store here in town today to check what oral sprays they have as far as human growth hormone and they do have one that is oral and it is called NOW. Is that real stuff or is it fake like the others?

I am trusting you folks and hope that this is the real stuff.

Thank you.


Newport News, VA

We were unable to find any reference to oral spray anywhere on the internet. 

There are two things to look for to know if an oral spray is legitimate or not.  1.  The ingredients should say, "Human Growth Hormone," or "Somatotropin."  2.  The potency should be "30X."  Any deviation from these two things will mean that the product is probably bogus. 

In addition, you can tell if the product comes from an FDA inspected lab if it has both a "lot #" and an "expiration date" on the bottle as the FDA requires both of these be there. 

We appreciate your business!

Dear sir:

Your 21st Century Advanced Formula seems to be working and so far I am delighted just to be feeling better. I have more energy and motivation but most importantly my prostrate related abdominal pains are subsiding and I am sleeping better. I'm certain that human growth hormone spray is responsible because that is the only change that I have made as far as any medication or other herbal supplements are concerned.

This is a good product and I am recommending it to my friends who have age related ailments.

Best regards, 

Huntsville, AL

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