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Compare Omega GH

Here is an HGH supplement that I would like you to compare to. It is the Omega GH, which claims to be the real substance. My friends are looking at that one for import. Can you give me some feedback and send me email about your oral spray?

Buford, SC

Omega GH has taken facts about human growth hormone and obscured the information to their advantage. I went to this website http://www.spectrum-nutrition.com/prod.itml/icOid/2029 and found the following information"

What is Omega GH? 
Omega GH Elite is a naturally derived GH supplement. This relatively new product contains a naturally occurring growth factor amino acid molecule in a proprietary liposomal delivery system called (PHARMATROPIN™). Although there have been products that alleged similar benefits, Our spray remains the first and only product to use the proprietary growth factor amino acid concentrate (which has shown consistent results when used by medical professionals) in an easy to use oral spray supplement.

Real Human Growth Hormone, also known pharmaceutically as somatotropin, is not "naturally occurring. "  The 191-chain HGH molecule is exactly reproduced, artificially, in the lab. It is identical, in every way, to HGH produced by the human body in the pituitary gland.

Omega GH uses the terms "molecule" and "growth factor" to make the consumer believe that they are duplicating the real human growth hormone production process. But they don't.

They use their own trademarked term "Pharmatropin" as their under-the-tongue delivery system to confuse the consumer into thinking it's something like the pharmaceutical name somatotropin.

Their supplement consists of "proprietary growth factor amino acid concentrate" which is their own ("proprietary" means they won't tell you what's in it) combination of amino acids which costs them very little. This company also advertises very heavily on TV which is why their price is so high.

As I mentioned in our conversation, this supplement will probably stimulate the pituitary to activate more HGH, BUT FOR ONLY A PERIOD OF 4-6 WEEKS. At that time the body will adapt to the increased stimulation and cease producing the added substance. We get people buying our oral spray all the time who have already been through the amino acid "letdown. "  Since our oral spray actually contains the real substance, Human Growth Hormone, Somatotropin http://www.21stcenturyhgh.com/growth-hormone-ingredients.htm, it doesn't rely on the stimulation of the pituitary. Real HGH is getting into the body separate from the pituitary.  

Stacked amino acids, precursors, secretagogues, releasers, stimulators do not contain any real Human Growth Hormone. Almost all of them come in pill form. Omega GH was very clever to take it's amino acid supplement and transform it into a spray form similar to the delivery of real homeopathic HGH oral sprays. Again, they've attempted to fool the public into thinking their oral spray is what it isn't!  If they were selling real pharmaceutical HGH and describing the supplementuct in "nanograms" they would be violating US laws. However, since they are not selling real HGH, but rather amino acids in spray form, they can describe amino acids in nanograms and be perfectly legal as amino acids are not pharmaceuticals.

I hope this helps your education, research, and understanding. There is definitely a seemy side to the HGH industry. I'm certain the clientele in Japan would demand only the finest oral spray available, made in an FDA inspected lab, from an honest, reliable company.

A brochure on our product will be included in the package of 6 bottles we'll be sending to you tomorrow. Thanks for the business!

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