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HGH, Panic Attacks, and Insomnia

To Whom It May Concern:

I was doing research on HGH and I read your website. I would like to know if human growth hormone is safe for someone who is suffering from panic attacks and very bad insomnia. My cousin is taking antidepressant for her symptoms but she still has difficult time falling asleep and hence always feels very exhausted. I would like an honest answer about this problem. I would hate to purchase something for my cousin that would hurt her more than she is already. That would be cruel. I would very much appreciate your feedback.

Thank you.


Oswego, KS

Everybody responds to our HGH oral spray differently. 2% of the population does not react to the product at all, and we don't know why. However, we do know that all homeopathic products are extremely gentle and quite safe. It will due your cousin no harm especially concerning panic attacks. We have a very liberal return policy. If it doesn't work for her just send it back and will give you a full refund. Thanks for the inquiry about panic attacks!


I received the Advanced Formula oral spray on 12/8/05 and I have been taking it and so far I have not had any adverse effect including no panic attacks and I am already noticing I have more energy now. For the past three days I have been spraying three times a day instead of twice a day because I am thinking I will experience the results quicker. Is my theory correct or is this not a good idea? 

Also, I noticed that yesterday the white coating on my tongue came off when I went over my tongue with my teeth. What is happening here?  I have been told in the past that more white coating you have on your tongue, less healthier you are. So far I like the product and if I keep seeing good result, I will continue to stay with the product.

You also mentioned to me over the phone that you have personally taken the human growth hormone for the past five years. Have you seen more firmness in your muscles, tightening of skin and less wrinkles?  Or, have you just experienced more energy  and better sleep (personally I think these are good enough reasons to continue taking it)?  I would always appreciate your honest answers to my questions.

Thank you!

Oswego, KS

<<For the past three days I have been spraying three times a day>>

On the bottle it says to use 2 sprays, 3 times per day. Three times per day is the proper dosage.

<<Have you seen more firmness in your muscles, tightening of skin and less wrinkles?>>

This will happen slowly over about a year. After that it will maintain at that level. There is just so much added HGH in your system will do.

We're happy you are having some good results!

Thanks for your prompt reply. You did not answer my question regarding the white coating on my tongue. Anything on that?  Thanks again.

Oswego, KS

Generally it is a sign of poor health. But more than that, digestion begins in the mouth with saliva breaking down your food and some nutrients are absorbed by the tongue. In that respect the white coating on the tongue prevents this. If the HGH is causing your tongue to throw off this coating, that's good.

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