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HGH Extreme - Physician's Blend

Recently my sister in law received a marketing call from someone giving her the pitch for Physicians Blend human growth hormone.  She was very skeptical, but they claimed the improvement to hair and skin (among all the other claims) and she figured she would give it a try.  She ordered 3 bottles ($180), to use 1 per month and has been using it for just over 3 weeks. 

She has noticed a marked improvement in her skin and someone actually asked her if she had "work done" to her face.  She has a sister who she gave a bottle to for her to try and she has also had results.  Needless to say, she gave the third bottle to me and I have just started to use it.  After I spoke with her, I went online to find out what I could about human growth hormone, and I came across your site. 

I don't know if this is one of those products that contain absolutely none of the real substance and will stop being effective in time or not.  I have the name and the ingredients and I would appreciate it if you could let me know if this supplement is the same as yours.  Considering yours is less expensive, I would recommend that we purchase it from you.  This is what hers is:  HGH Extreme, A Physicians Blend.  It says is contains 10% USP Ethanol.  The ingredient list is as follows:

somatotrophin 10x/30x,avena saliva 3c,glycyrrhizaglabra 3c,arginine 4c,glutamine 4c,isoleucine 4c,leucine 4c,lysine 4c,omithine 4c,valine 4c,colostrum 5c,gonadostimuline 5c,atp 6c,glycogen 6c,cortisone 12c,purified water, 10% ethanol, 8% vegetable glycerin.

I would appreciate any information you can give me.

Thank you,

Grand Praire, TX

They have more "stuff" in their product that probably doesn't do anything.  We both have the same amount of human growth hormone in our products.  Our ingredients are listed here:


Thanks for the inquiry.  We appreciate your business!

Thanks very much for the reply.  I forgot one thing, though.

Their dosage is 5 sprays 3x a day for 7 days then 3 sprays 3x a day for the remainder of the month.  I noticed yours was less than this and it was consistent for whenever you take it.  Do you have any thought on this?  Thanks,

Grand Praire, TX

We can't speak for other products.  We can tell you that after 3 months on our product you can back off to 2 sprays twice a day.

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