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Human Growth Hormone And Rejuvenex

You make a statement on your website about a list of companies like Rejuvenex that sell "HGH" but don't contain any of the real substance. You write:

The following vendors sell products that contain ABSOLUTELY NO HGH:

Adkins Diet
Maximum Result
TV Products Guide
Pure GHR15

Why is your brand (21st Century) NOT on this list????

Are you implying that all these other do not have any of the real thing, but your brand does?


Robert M. XXXXXXXXX, PhD, Bionutritionist
Princeton, NY

Yes, exactly. Ours does. Theirs do not. Read the ingredients. Hint:  If it's hard to find the ingredients on a website it's likely their supplement doesn't have any of the real substance. They don't want you to figure it out so they make it difficult to find the ingredient list. These vendors put a few cents worth of amino acids together and sell them at expensive human growth hormone prices.

Here is a link to something advertised as a human growth hormone supplement. Do you know about this product and is it one of the "30 legitimate" vendors you refer to on your website?




No it's not. There is none of the real substance in this supplement (in spite of its name!).

1. If, as you mention, that deer antler does most of the work, why would I not just buy a bottle of deer antler from New Zealand?

2. What benefits can I expect from taking your regular HGH oral spray that I would not get from taking a deer antler supplement?

3. The ads for deer antler call for 500 mg three times a day.  Can I get that much in your HGH Plus?  And if not, does it matter?

Thank you,

Columbia, MD

Your questions are all good ones and revolve around an understanding of homeopathy.  For instance, if you had hay fever you could take a drug for relief or you could take a homeopathic remedy.  If you had flu symptoms you could take medications or a homeopathic remedy.  If you had menopause you could take hormone therapy or a homeopathic remedy.  Do just a little research on the way homeopathic remedies work and all the answers to your questions will become clear.

We appreciate your business!

Thanks for the reply. If the amounts of human growth hormone are that small, how can they possibly have ANY effect, let alone, what some of us are hoping for?

Huntington, NY

You need to research "homeopathy." It's been around for over 200 years. That will answer your question.

Ultimately, when you try the oral spray yourself you'll see that you'll be getting 60%-80% of the same results as injected HGH.

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