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HGH And Renuva

Do you now anything about the RENUVA product that is advertised in a TV Infomercial and endorsed by George Hamilton and Cathy Rigby?

Yes. There is absolutely no human growth hormone in Renuva. It's a great sales pitch for a very pricey product. With each bottle you purchase you are paying for their TV spots. The active ingredients are:   Sm. & med. , mol wt polypeptide GF Complex. . . .

If it doesn't say "HGH", "Human Growth Hormone", or "Somatotrophin" it doesn't contain the real substance. Their "GF Complex," which we assume stands for "Growth Formula Complex," is their own name for stuff they are unwilling to state, but it's not the real thing otherwise it would say so.

Have there been any studies that indicate addiction or problems when you stop use like decreased levels, lower than normal?

No we are not aware of any such studies. Informal reports back to us indicate that levels return to what they were prior to the oral spray therapy and that they do not go lower than normal. However, these are not formal studies under scientific protocol.

Your responses are very much appreciated!

Taos, NM


Help me I'm confused! I was recently considering ordering your human growth hormone spray, then, after doing some further research, I found this FDA website: http://www.fda.gov/ora/fiars/ora_import_ia6671.html

My question is, how can you or any other website, sell HGH without a prescription, since the FDA clearly warns that it is characterized as a DRUG, and only a drug, not a supplement?

Ocala, FL

We are selling a homeopathic oral spray which contains real pharmaceutical human growth hormone in amounts so small that the FDA does not require a prescription. Everything you quoted refers to injected HGH which does require a doctor's prescription.

The word "supplement" is never used on our web site. We've seen it used extensively on other websites. The FDA monitors our lab and does several unannounced inspections of our lab every year in order to maintain our compliance. Our labels are monitored and conform to their regulations. They are all over us for the slightest infraction so if our product were illegal they'd definitely let us know.

Many web sites use the term "nanograms" to describe the contents of their oral spray. This is against Federal law and some, but not all, of those enterprises are closed down by the FDA.

We know all of this is very confusing for the consumer, especially those who investigate deeper, and it's a battle that we fight every day. To sum up, if the product is homeopathic, and is described in "dilution rates," i.e., X's and not nanograms, it's legal

11/2/11 - All the way back in July of this year, the lockout for the NFL was ended and the NFL Player's Association agreed to start HGH testing for the players. However, a stipulation was added that the NFLPA had to agree fully with the testing procedures before they would start. Now that the season is already half over, the HGH testing has still not started. Two influential politicians have now accused the Player's Association of using stalling tactics to avoid the testing. read more

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