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HGH And Senior Citizens

Gentlemen and Ladies:

I am a 74 year old senior citizens considering the advisability of taking HGH and went to your very informative website at 21stcenturyhgh.com. Thank you for making the information available.

1. The email address you cite on your website is fountainofyout@aol.com. Seems like it is missing an "h". I hope it is correct. Is it?

It is.

2. Although you clearly detail the per bottle cost of your product, I could find no information on how long a bottle lasts. Or more specifically, how many "squirts" are in a bottle, and how many "squirts" a day are needed. I think you get my drift. Need to know what kind of cost I am getting into. Can you clarify that?

At the top of the Order Page. One bottle lasts one month. Use 2 sprays, 3 times per day. I keep my bottle on the nightstand and spray before I go to sleep, when I wake up, and once during the day. It takes about 10 days to get into your system and about two weeks to leave your system. If you miss an occasional dose, it won't matter much.

3. Here's the scary one for senior citizens. One website I looked at mentioned that human growth hormone is produced from brain tissue, and that the brain tissue usually used is from cattle. OMIGAWD!  MADCOW DISEASE!. Is there risk of Creutzfeld-Jacob infection from use of your product?  Please reassure me.

20 years ago human growth hormone was taken from cadavers. No longer. The molecule has been synthetically reproduced in the lab. All human growth hormone for human consumption today is synthetically produced. Bovine growth hormone is given only to cattle.

4. In your "Warning-disclaimer" section, you mention that cancer, heart and diabetes patients must consult with a physician before use. I understand why you have to cover your potential liability by such a warning but, to be realistic, all people my age have one of those potential disabilities to one degree or another, asymptomatic or not. I'll do it, but I bet my doc will say to the effect that he knows of no studies which say one way or the other whether use of HGH could be harmful for senior citizens. Any suggestions, other than showing him a copy of your website materials, how I can "educate" him?

This does cover us. Just tell your doctor the product is "homeopathic" which is the safest remedy known to man. He'll probably laugh and tell you homeopathic medicine doesn't work (most doctors have this opinion) and to go ahead and try it if you want. You'll know in a month if it's helping you or not regardless of whether your doctor says it does or doesn't. If it doesn't, just send back all used and unused bottles for a refund. You're gonna love this product!

Thank you for considering my questions.

Charlotte, NC

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