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Shelf Life Of HGH

I purchased a bottle of the 21st Century HGH spray in the Fall of 2004 and began taking it, but then suddenly stopped as I had some throat soreness and could not figure out if it was due to the spray or something else. The bottle of HGH then made its way into my medicine cabinet and I forgot about it until just recently when I saw it on the shelf.

My question to you is:  Once opened, how long does the HGH spray stay fresh?  Can I now began using it again after 4 months?


Woodstock, MD

Our product remains active for a minimum of 5 years.

If I take you're HGH oral spray will it make me grow taller? And if so how much?

There is no way to know if growth hormone will increase height, if you will grow, or how much.  We can tell you that there are a lot of collegiate and pro athletes on the product.  They all take the Advanced Formula with velvet deer antler.

But does it make those people gain in height?

We don't contact the athletes because it's a privacy issue.

And just a reasonable question if i take it for I don't know say 6 months you think 3 inches is possible?

Anything is possible.

Is that the reason they take you're HGH oral spray is to gain height?

We never ask.

How long would you say I should be on the advance 1 to see results?

Most athletes feel something within a week.  It takes a month for it to fully saturate your system.

Also would it make me taller, like is that something that can happen with you're oral spray?

You keep asking the same question, one that can't possibly be answered.  It's impossible to know if any product will cause an increase in height. 

If you gain the three inches without the supplement, how would you know if you would have gained six inches with the supplement?  If you gain three inches with the supplement, how would you know if you wouldn't have grown the same three inches without the product?  There is no way to scientifically know because there is no control group to compare it with.  There is only one you!

We could easily tell you, "oh yeah, you'll grow" and make the sale.  But anyone who tells you they have a supplement that will do that can't possibly know.  We can tell you that many athletes are on the oral spray to enhance their performance and increase their strength and endurance.  Most people order the product for one reason and realize that it helps them in five or six other areas that they hadn't anticipated.  You should try it.  If you don't like it, return the bottles for a full refund.

We appreciate your business! 

Thanks for the responses. Sorry for same question over and over. I'm just a freshman football player at a division 1 college looking to gain a few inches more or less. I was just wondering if deer velvet helps bones grow is all. And thanks for not trying to make a sale like you said. I know I got tail, doctor says, 25 to full grow but I just want to speed up the process is all.

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